How To Start Your Own Web Hosting Reseller Plans Business!

web hosting reseller plans

Hello guys, today we’re going to be showing you how to start your own web hosting reseller plans business.  it’s going to be interesting because this is a real business model where you can make really good money, simply by reselling the web hosting plans and, the most interesting thing is you need no capital.


What is a web hosting and what these web hosting companies do?

A web host or web hosting service provider is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for a website or web page to be viewed on the Internet.

so, websites are hosted or stored on special computers called to service because every business needs a website. And, for the web sites to function properly and for the website to be stored somewhere online, it needs a server and it needs hosting. So, all these hosting companies do that.

Web hosting companies not only do hosting, but they also offer other services like domain selling, email service provides, and more.  They provide all these different other services also.

Today, I’m going to show you how you can start your own reseller web hosting plans or company and you’re going to provide all these services.

Now, you might be wondering like: how am I going to start this? I have no experience with this.  and I don’t know, how to start a web hosting company?

here I’m going to be showing you a platform where you can resell web hosting plan and all these services, so just bear with reading these full articles.

Website Reseller company

Now let me show you the web site or app, this is the website I’m talking about is GoDaddy.  Every one of you might know, it’s quite famous for web hosting reseller plans. So, reseller means like whatever service they are providing, you can provide the same service and make a profit.

With all these different services that you can provide, it’s not like really hard you can basically do is you can sign up to this. you can just pick whatever package that you want. Basic reseller or maybe you can even go with the Pro reseller and you just got to pay this amount to GoDaddy.

web hosting reseller plans

Like, if you’re going with a pro reseller, you just got to pay like eleven pounds a month and if you’re just going with the basic web hosting reseller plan, you just got to pay like less than one pound a month.

Okay, so with that package, you’ll be getting all this you get like white label and, white-label e-commerce front store what they mean by the white label is so basically the storefront will look like exactly like GoDaddy. you can customize it, you can just put in your own logo, you can add your own company’s name.

 White Level Service

So, they’ll just take off all their logo and you can just replace your logo in that place that’s what white label means.  Then, they will be giving you that credit card processing. you don’t have to have your own payment gateway you can process all the payments and all that what your customers give through their payment method and they offer 24/7 support, sales, and Commission report.

you can check all that in your dashboard. the other thing that you’ll get with this is you get your own storefront. you can just customize them and the other cool part, this is the interesting part! so, you just got to pay this fee alone every month to GoDaddy.

if you just go with the minimum package, you just have to pay like less than one pound a month and you can set your own pricing for all these services.

Your own Price

let’s just open up this, so for hosting and all that they’ll charge anywhere from hosting and all will be really less.  but you can change how much power you want.  so, can you see other people like, $4, $5, $6 and like $7?

so you can charge like how much ever you want! you can set your own price because that’s going to be your business. if you want the starter to be like in $7 a month, you can do that for the economy, if you want like $11 month, you can do that.  so you can charge how much ever you want.

I hope you got the point , that’s how you can do with the GoDaddy reseller web hosting plan. You can have your own web hosting company, you can offer all of GoDaddy services, you can charge how much ever you want to your customers and you can make loads of money.

this is a real business model with loads of people do and some of my friends that I know they do the same exact thing and they make a killing amount of money.

Drive the Traffic

The next thing that you got to do is you have to drive in traffic. It’s the vital point, you need to bring in people. you can use any traffic sources to bring in all this traffic. so if you have the money to invest you can advertise and you can bring in sales.

you can call a people, call a business and you can ask them whether they are interested in hosting? and all that you can from you can promote it.

that way or maybe if you have any social media account, you can promote it through that . if you have a website, you can promote it through that. so there are different ways to get your business out there to the people so that’s up to you guys.  that’s how you do it with all these web hosting reseller plans and all that it doesn’t involve a lot of work.

you just got to maintain it, if they telling you to check out something just got to check it. if you just watch a couple of videos you’ll know like how each dick works.

so, we don’t have to have loads of experience even if you are a starter, you know you can do this. it just watched a couple of videos on YouTube, you’ll know how to get started with this.

so,if you have any doubts and all that you can just go to the FAQ’s and read through all the questions that they just read through all the questions that everyone might have.

what else do I get with the reseller plan, you can just go through that and if you want to know in more detail about this you can just go through and maybe you can even call the customer support and you can ask them if you have any doubts.

So, if you want to start an offline business this is something that you can do and you can make a killing amount of money. 

So, hopefully, I  gave you an idea of what kind of business to start? how to start a web hosting reselling plan.  if you have any doubts questions or suggestions you can leave your comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter subscribe to it.

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