Tumblr Traffic: How to get free traffic to your website?

Tumblr free traffic

Tumblr is a streaming scrapbook of texts, photos, videos, and audio clips. it’s a cross between a blog and a Twitter feed.so, Tumblr can be a great outlet for creative teams who want to share cool things. they discover and follow others with similar interests.  posts are often shared or reblogged from one Tumblr blog to another many time alike and in fact, want their posts to reblog. that’s why Tumblr traffic considers the main source of the website.  also, people don’t have to use their real names so you can stay fairly anonymous on Tumblr.

but Tumblr posts are public by default and there’s only one privacy option and it’s only available on their website.  there you can turn off the option that allows people to find your blogs through your email address while this is a small step towards protecting your team’s privacy.

How to get free traffic from Tumblr?

I’m going to show you how to do search engine optimization using Tumblr to get more organic Tumblr traffic to your site as well as, targeted traffic from Tumblr.  This will allow you to attract people on Tumblr that are interested in the same thing that you’re writing your content about or you’re producing your videos about.

so, the first thing you want to do is type your topic up the search bar on the Tumblr website and this is the topic that’s going to be related to your website or maybe your youtube channel or maybe your blog, the content that you’re currently writing about.  you want to search for that up there that you can connect with people who are interested in the same thing because those are the type of people you want to view your Tumblr page and they’re more likely to follow or share your posts.

tumblr traffic

that will give you more authority going to your page that’s the first thing you want to do. just go ahead and go up here and search for whatever topic it is that you’re writing your content about.

after you search for your topic, you want to find something like a picture is good something without a lot of links, especially if you’re going to reblog it.

but first of all, I want you to click on notes here and I’m going to show you the way that a lot of people do. you click on notes and then you’ll see all the people who interacted with that topic which hopefully is the same topic that you’re writing your blog about on your website.

So, you click to follow here and then you will see that it pops up on the right and that means you’re going to have to escape if your goal is to follow as many people as you can then you can see what’s going to be a problem because it takes too long.

you click escape there and it takes you back to the list, so you can do it this method but it’s just very time-consuming.

Now, I’m going to show you how to do it more effectively and less time-consuming. you want to click on reblog and you don’t have to fill out any tags or captions or anything right now! just reblog it then you want to go to your Tumblr wall.  I believe that’s what they call it on Tumblr.

how to follow and unfollow

then you can go down here to notes, you’ll see that it’s shared and you click on notes and why this is such a fact of way to do it.  it’s such a better way. so follow someone and you can see that there are no pop-ups on the right side.

I would suggest following people who have a profile picture or a Tumblr picture and also if you want to do this manually.  and there’s like 194 interactions maybe you just want to follow the people who have reblogged because those are people more likely to reblog things on your Tumblr wall.

just go through there and follow people but I’m also going to tell you something about following too many people on Tumblr when you’re first starting out. if you have a new Tumblr page and you just created it, the same day, you’re reading this post, you want to wait at least 48 hours after creating your Tumblr account before you start following a lot of people.

you can follow a few here and there but you don’t want to follow too many people right from the start because it can actually get you banned in your account, blocked on Tumblr, or deactivated account is not good especially when you put a lot of work into it.

you don’t want to do that just wait 48 hours. I cannot stress enough and after 48 hours then you’re going to want to use this method that I’m showing you right now.

First, you just go through here and follow all these people and I would suggest following only about a hundred people a day. after 48 hours, maybe even 80 and then a few days later go up to a hundred and then a week later you can go up to 150.  I believe the limit is still 200 on Tumblr unless they changed it.

So, you want to keep that a little bit lower than 200 just to be safe, I would suggest about 150 to 180 people a day.

every day you want to open up your Tumblr go in here and open this up notes until you follow every one of these people or however many you want and then you’re going to repeat the process.

you’re going to go back and search for something else with a lot of notes that everyone else is sharing and they’re going to share it to your page and you’re going to follow people until you have no one else left to follow. once you get about 5,000 people that are followed on your account, you should have anywhere from 200 to a thousand followers maybe even two or three thousand followers.

Especially, if you have a lot of really good content on your wall that is enjoyable for people because they’ll most likely reshare.

Also, they’ll most likely follow you and a lot of people will just follow you back if you’re following them.they’ll get a popup on their screen saying this person followed you or they’ll see it in their notifications and if it says something if your blog is called something that they’re interested in.

they’re more likely to click on it and go into your page and start sharing and liking things and most likely following you back.

that’s what you want to do, that’s how you’re going to get a lot of followers, and then once you get a lot of followers then start posting a lot of things like your content and stuff onto your Tumblr page and get free Tumblr traffic.

How to make money with Tumblr?

I’m going to show you the method that I want you to earn about $200 a week.  It’s really effective and if you follow, it will earn money. At the beginning which is how to get followers and you’ll already know about,

 The way to remember this is to just queue articles so what you want to get a couple of the links to mix them up to make them sound a bit better chance, the text a little bit maybe go back 15 and then just make it so close to six a day at certain times.

just like schedule posts, go at certain times every single day with just the link do, six of them a day and queue them two days in advance that will kind of where the real money gets because people under images often use like phones and stuff, where you can’t see the captions as if they actually get a link. then they more inclined to click it.

so what you want to do is you just want to build up your follower networks and follow the basis to be as many followed as possible that’s what’s really important.

then once you learn to do this and what you do on- one account, you just need to open up as many as possible and like I’m talking 10, 20 fakers.  if you want to earn a hundred dollars a week then you can probably do that in about 10 to 15 accounts but if you want to more and it’s really like a couple of hours work a day then you should really introduce them about 20, 25 accounts,

I’ve got some recommendations to use Fiverr to get emails and that’s why I used to do to get 50 emails for $5 and then you can just sell the tumblers really quickly.

and then another thing which I’ll do is get – you can get an IP hide service which is hidden mass and that works really well that would just kind of stop you from getting a band but in honesty, I’ve got a ban of Tumblr because I was making accounts and using them instantly. if you wait for 24 hours on each count you set up and then start queuing it and doing that you will be fine,  that was my quick guide on Tumblr and it will really work for attractive free traffic to the website and even earn money with some tricks. I hope it helps.


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