The Easy Side Hustle That Made $4,000 For Free Online

side hustle

How to make money online as a side hustle, doing simple work without spending any money, you heard that right completely free you don’t have to spend a dime on this method and you guys are always asking me this question can this work worldwide? Yes, this method you can do from anywhere in the globe, doesn’t matter where you are. you could be sitting on the couch on the other side of the world.

And I’m going to take you through step by step guide so, make sure you read the entire article because that is going to help you put this in motion and help you make money with this method, also, you don’t need any experience to do this.

It’s actually not as hard as you may think, it’s actually pretty easy. So, let’s show you exactly how this side hustle made me this money.

This is a copy-paste method, what this means is I’m giving you everything you need to make this work and you literally just copy and paste it. So you can do this yourself,  these are some results on my account but what I want to do is actually show some real results in a second.

So, you can see here I made $41, $24, $13 4135 all on these days.

it was just a side hustle and I didn’t really do much after I implemented this. it’s not too bad so these are the results. how do you go out and make the money? how do you get results like this? what was this side hustle that I did to make this money? let me explain to you exactly how this works?

So,  you can implement this yourself but you need to make sure you read all the way to the end because if you don’t, you’re going to miss out on all the important information. I’m gonna be giving you.

 Free Website from WordPress

First, what you want to do is go to a website called We need to make a quick free template. I’m going to give you and show you what to do?

side hustle wordpress

you want to go to WordPress and click on pricing and plans and you want to go for the free version. make sure you click the free version, do not click the paid versions. So, start with free, and then what you want to do then is put your email in and your password, then sign up and go through the steps.  It’ll ask you a few questions it’s really easy to do.

we are going to be creating a simple little template that we need, it’s not very hard to do, you can do it very quickly. I’m going to show you exactly how to do it now.

once you’ve signed up to this the next step is you want to actually go to this website and I’m going to cut the first before we do that I want to show you how much you can actually earn?

 Make Money Side Hustle Strategy

basically you can earn around about 55 percent. I own 70 percent because I make a few more sales than usual but you can make around 55%.

if you make two sales per day you can make $2275 on this product per month or if people buy the other product you can make over $11k per month. If people purchase if you make two sales per day. side hustle


So, what is this? what you want to do is you want to go to a website called you want to scroll to the bottom and you want to click on the affiliate program, a case of and it gives you all of the information that you need to make this work.

So, simply go down there to go start earning today. click affiliate dashboard, sign up and it’s going to give you a link generator which we’re going to use in a second to actually make these affiliate links.

We can get a commission for promoting some of the programs. now once you’ve gone and signed up to the affiliate program. I’m going to show you what we’re going to be promoting in a second but what you want to do is you want to actually go back to that website that you created. You want to make sure that you’re logged.

 Website Set up

They’ll send you some emails and all that sort of stuff and you sign up, you activate your account.

Here, we need to pick a theme to use for this template so, go down to themes and simply choose a theme the one that I recommend.

You use this method is this one here called Stratford.  Go and install this theme, it’s really simple just click on this and install it. Once, you’ve done that you want to go to the post section.

We’re actually going to create a simple post that we’re going to be doing is creating the perfect post. we need a template, so, we can promote these offers and you can see what I’ve done is top five high

“Converting website and blog themes for 2020 and it’s very simple to do”.

So, let me explain to you how to do that real quick. then I’ll show you how to get the traffic to this website that I used to make this work.

How to write a post?

First, you want to go back to here and you want to basically go to add a post, I already have one but we’re going to add a new post and I’ll take you through some quick steps but essentially you’re designing something that looks like this. it’s very simple to do.

write wordpress post

I’m going to add the title, I’m just going to add the one that I have here so, I’ll just do one example here but you can actually copy this whole thing into your page and then you can use it as a template.

Then going to post to paste. what I recommend you do is you want to go to my themeshop and you want to go and find a theme

So, once you’re in your affiliate back-end you’ve signed up and everything like that go to affiliate URLs, and by the way, if you want to get paid out just click pay ups and you connect your PayPal account and they’ll pay you into PayPal.


what you want to do is you want to go and find the theme that you want to promote and you get the URL. so, for the pricing one because this leads to the price. Go to the referral URL, copy this the custom link, post in my link, and click enter.

guys this whole process- create the post and putting the affiliate link literally took me ten minutes to design.

and these are all affiliate links if we click on these goes back to these themes. it’s really simple to do, so if anyone purchases this thing, I get a commission, I make money like this is where I’ve made all of this money.

How to Get Free traffic

once we have an affiliate page up,  you will find there an affiliate link. and, we need to get traffic to this link. So I have a free traffic source that I used for this.

who’ve had known me for a while you know that I use this traffic a lot, it works extremely well. sign up to a website called

side hustle-quora

This is free to sign up and this is how simple it is. I’ve giving to show you about all the templates and everything that you can use. you want to go to search and put in word press theme or website theme actually put in a website theme.

Now this isn’t like going to happen straight away you have to actually put in the best website theme and what does is people were asking questions. now, you have to do this in a really good way for it to work.

so, let me just find one. so what is the best WordPress theme for Adsense?, I’m going to click on this and I’m going to go to answer. So, people have actually answered this. I’m also going to go to answer and I’m going to show you exactly what to do.

So, I’m going to copy your answers, what you want to do is you basically just want to paste this within the answer and you want to pretty much tell them the best themes. you need to actually add value comes to go “hey check out this article” you need to tell them the best themes.

So, out of my top five I took the best three or the best two and at the bottom it says Sources,  I want to take my link and I want to go to where it says Sources and put my link.

now the reason I want to do sources is simply that then you won’t get banned.  if you put in value and then you put in Sources at the bottom. it just looks like you’ve gone and legitimately found a source online and you’re simply recommending it.

it’s not an affiliate link because your affiliate link is already on a WordPress page. anyway so, it’s a bridge page and literally just submitted this, and then if I click on this it goes back to that website that I just created. this free template completely free.

now if we go back to Quora,  there are answers, people asking questions, every single day, look at all of these questions and if we put in this blog, website we can put them the best blog websites. This WordPress website, This theme, the theme I should say.

So what are the best blog and magazine themes?  if we open this one up we’ll probably see what other people have done, this person has done it. Many people have done the exact same thing and promote their side hustle and if we click them more, they’ve listed them there.

you need to naturally! Make the link look natural and just provide quality. that’s how  I went out and look at the heads another one recommends this one best WordPress theme.

you’ll see where they’ve listed a list of the best themes. so that’s exactly how you go out and make money with this.


it’s a simple side hustle, it’s super simple to understand. Basically, set up a free website on WordPress, set up pages, write the articles about your product and simply go to the Quora and starting answers base on your product.  I did not put in a lot of work, spend a week or two, or like a month posting links and providing value and you should start getting commissions rolling in. if you have any questions let me know below and I’ll see you on the next blogging post. I hope you enjoyed this!



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