Best FREE Way To Make Money Online without website- For Beginners!

Make money online without Money and website

Have you ever wondered, how you can make money online with no money and without building a complicated website? Today’s, I’m going to show you exactly how you can do that step-by-step.  And the best part is- it’s completely worldwide! it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. you can do this.  I’m going to show you exactly how you can Make Money Online without a website and no money to invest- step by step.

This is going to be one of the best guides, you’ve ever seen online on how to make money online without a website and without investment.  If you don’t know who I am my name is Balakrishna and I earn a full time living online and what I like to do is show people what I do and how they can make money online. So, they can potentially start their own online business and generate an online income.

I feel that it’s important that people teach this stuff in a very detailed manner, so you learn everything you need to know to make money online step-by-step and that’s what I’m here to do.

 One of the important things is- you will not need any money to start this and you will not need a website.  this is a major roadblock that a lot of people have, so, you won’t need any money for this.

Obviously, a website costs money, so you won’t need a website to do this.  I’m going to show you how to do this without having these two roadblocks.

it is possible to start online with zero dollars to start and you learn exactly how and prove it to you in this post.

Now, this is a simple three-step process.

Find a product

We need to go and find a product online that we can promote for a commission.  Now, how this works is ? you actually have a custom link you might already know this but we’ll go over it briefly.  you have a custom link that you send to people when people click on that custom link & they purchase something from that custom link actually, they pay the vendor but you also get a commission in return.

I’m going to show you how you can get 50% Commissions. that’s right,50% Commissions!  Not one %, not two % commissions, 50% Commissions!

Where to find Products?

and, how to make money online without a website from this product?

The problem is where do you actually find these products that you can get Commissions from? There are hundreds of places where you can find them I’ve talked about them in many previous articles but in this particular post, I’m going to explain.

We can find these products before they actually launch! So, you can get the upper hand an unfair advantage to make money with this method. the first thing you want to do is head over to a website called and get familiar with this website.

what this website does is, it shows you products that are launching into the marketplace very soon.

Product criteria-

But before we actually jump into this and have a look around I want to go over some criteria’s ! this is quite important,

  • $100 per sale: we want to find products that pay you up to $100 per sale because all we would need is one sale per day to make $100 or more.
  •   Prize Money: It must have at least five thousand dollars in prize money. we’ll explain that in a later but it’s really cool.  you can show your prize money for this
  • lot of resources: and must have a lot of resources! which we’ll also explain in a minute.
  • 50% commission:   at least 50% Commission’s, it’s paying.
  • Know the Product: you need to kind of understand the product. What, I also like about this particular product is he actually tells you about the product and this is going to be helping us with getting traffic. and, make money online from without website.

So, the first thing you want to do is go to and this is actually telling you of products that are getting launched into the marketplace soon.

So, they haven’t actually been launched yet which is good for us. We’re going to actually take advantage of this.  now let me show you something really crazy! So, this product here is launching soon and what happens is that they actually giving away 40% Commission’s which is pretty good.

Make Money Online without website

As well people can make up to nine hundred dollars per sale.  but more importantly, they’re giving away a million dollars in cash to the top 10 or top 3 Prize winners that bring in the most sales.

They actually give out prize money as well as this affiliate commission.  This is crazy!  a lot of people don’t even realize that this thing exists. so this is just an example of a really awesome product, that’s getting launched soon but this product is not the one that we’re going to be talking about in these articles.

 So, what I want to do is?

  • Go back to and what we’re actually going to show you how to pick a specific product for these next two steps. So, if you scroll down it shows you that there’s some products launching! we want to do this on products that are launching and like a week or two, not tomorrow or not the next day at least a week or two or three or four weeks away.

For example, this one here from “Neil Napier” is launching in two weeks.  now this product is just going to be an example. I’m not saying that you gonna make money from this particular product but I’m just showing you the steps, so you can make money online with this method.

Best FREE Way To Make Money Online without website For Beginners

First, click on this Neil Napier and it’s going to actually bring up his product, all of the information you can make up to one hundred and forty-four dollars per sale and it’s got nearly fifty percent.

But you want to click on the JV page.  on the JV page to get you all the information about the product.

This is like, Bank up to one hundred forty-four dollars per sale and they got five thousand dollars and prize money which is good and then the dates that they’re launching.

Get Custom Link

Now, if you go down- you can get put on the notification list . all the dates that you need to know but here you want to go request your affiliate links and you want to click on this then, you’re going to get a custom affiliate link.

this is going to be your custom affiliate link that you send people to. So, you can get paid a commission and start to make money online without your own website and no money to invest.

login if you already have a JVZoo account or you can actually go sign up  and this is called jvzoo.  Once you’ve got your link, just keep that, you’re going to need that soon.

There also has a demo of the product and what it does and how it works? so, we need to get familiar with the product even if you don’t know about the product, you can get familiar with the product just by this particular page.  That’s why it’s important to get a product that has a lot of information on the page & you can get familiar with it.

so we’ll use this product as an example but like I said there are actually a lot of products on MunchEye, that you can do this method with and they’ll explain to you how you can do it too.

For now, we’re going to open this up, I’m going to explain to you the next step.  go to the JV page just like I showed you before.  this is got a joint-venture page what you’re doing is you’re helping this person promote his product and he’s going to give you a commission.

Create a Product Video Free

The next steps are simple, we need to go and create simple content for this product before it gets launched into the marketplace.

  How do we do that?

What you want to do is, you want to simply go to a website called  Renderforest, and we can create free videos! And I’m going to show you, how to create these free videos? We can get traffic to this product and a link?

make a money without website

This is free for up to three hundred megabytes of storage, 360p videos.  So, if you do want to do this long term, you will have to pay a little bit of a fee to upgrade but you can do this for completely free!  you can create Unlimited videos up to three minutes. it’s super simple to do and, it helps us to make money online without our website.

So, just sign up or create an account, and then what we’re going to be doing is creating these simple videos. you can go and find a template to use, there are hundreds of different types of templates.

I’m going to click on this one, which is the whiteboard animation toolkit, and then when we go create what you can actually do is create videos based on the particular product. (you can simply learn by tutorials, just search on youtube)

Get a Free Traffic

Now, the next step is we want to go and get free traffic to this offer, but how do we get traffic when the product hasn’t even launched yet?

It would make no sense. So, what happens is when the product actually launches, something kind of magical happens! Big affiliates that have a huge email list actually go and promote the product via emails to their email marketing list.

And a large proportion of those people that get that email they never buy a product straight away! What they do is, they actually go to places like Google, YouTube and they want to find reviews or information on the particular product before they purchase.

So, they’ll leave the email that the big affiliate sent out & they’ll go on social information then they might click your link and then you might what we call it jacking the Commission.

you basically jacked that guy’s sale because they clicked on your link so you take his affiliate marketing sale.  He still makes money because a lot of people still buy through him but a large proportion of people will go and search online.

That what do we do!  We can go out there and actually get a few of these sales to make money with this offer without our website and investment. What we want to be doing is creating a video based on. The bait based on specific keywords like content gorilla review and stuff like that.

So, you want to basically use this video. I’m not going to take you through exactly what to do. you can think of that yourself and go and see other examples online but you take people through by creating a sales video with this and adding some bonuses. And things like, then when people click on your link, you get a commission.

  • How we get traffic:  let me show you by uploading a video that we have created on Renderforest. When this launches, people going to be going crazy and they’re going to be looking for information.  So, this is what we want to do!  we want to use YouTube to get our traffic because people are going to be searching.

So,  go into content gorilla review here and that the reason I use content gorilla review is that I actually launched last year.  I want to show you some of the views:  6000, 2000,  3000, 2000 & 1000 views and these are actually people doing this similar thing to what I just showed you.  this is literally like the exact thing I’m explaining here.  you just a different kind of format and if we go down here, there’s a link then if people click this and go to the product. they’re making a commission.

youtube product reviews

They launched this last year and they’re launching it again.  Remember, this is just an example.  I’m not saying go on do it with this product, there are hundreds of other products.  you can go and do it with this.

create a YouTube channel

The next step is we want to create a YouTube channel and you want to upload the video.  what you need to do is export the video by going once you’ve made your video.  go to a free preview and then what it will do is it will render that video and then you can download that video once it’s rendered and then you can go and upload it to YouTube.

this isn’t a training on exactly what to put in the video, go and see what other people were doing.

Upload the Video

I’m just going to upload the video and how to optimize this to get traffic. The first thing is the title, that’s very important.  Simple but very important! I’ve got some keywords here that we’re going to be using.  so the main keyword is going to be a content gorilla and content gorilla review. so I’m going to put content gorilla review. do you want to buy content gorilla watch this now?.

So, what I’m doing here is, I’m putting content gorilla review.  this is a keyword that people are going to search online and YouTube and stuff. do you want to buy content gorilla? the reason, I put buy content gorilla to optimize videos.

the reason, I used by is because I’ve known, people, going to be searching by the content gorilla.  how to buy content gorilla, content gorilla bonus, and stuff like this.

you could put watch this now get a bonus pack and you could also give away a bonus pack if you like. as well, you also want to do edit a description. you also want to do a description in the video with some keywords . as well go and see what other people have done, then what you want to do is the tags are an extremely important part of this.  go down to more options and you want to add some video tags. When we use youtube, we’re freely creating the channel, that’s why we can make money online without a website.

YouTube optimize for these specific keywords. So, when someone goes and searches after they have found out the product.

You can use tools like  Tubebuddy and vid IQ  for youtube to enhance performance and research the keywords, tags, etc,  they’re fantastic and you can download them for free.

These are some of the keywords, that I recommend.  You can use these for other products as well.  content gorilla review, content gorilla buy, content gorilla how to buycontent gorilla bonus, content gorilla bonus pack, how to get content gorilla,  what’s an inside content gorilla, etc. then all you do is you upload a thumbnail and you go to next and you go to next and then you go to public and post that video.

If someone watches this video for example right, even if you don’t rank other videos, one of our related to this is going to show up. So, even if someone watches this video they might see your video down and watch that instead and you might get a commission. So, that’s the traffic source.


Now, you don’t make money instantly with this!  No, because it does take time for this.  It actually works but not a get-rich-quick scheme or anything like that but you can eventually consistently make money.

Many people, actually make an incredible amount of money from reviewing these types of products. Which is the main strategy: to make money online without a website and no money to Invest.  So, what you need to do is, you need to build it up slow at the start but build it up and go and do as many products as you can to make Money. this is free you can make as many free videos as you want.

so I’ve just taken you through a method that’s completely free with very very simple steps. if you want some more money-making ideas or how to make money online? Please subscribes to our Newsletter.



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