How to make money on YouTube? YouTube Earning in Details.

making money with youtube

Nowadays, Youtube has lucrative careers for many people who started out with nothing more than a webcam and a good idea or in some cases kind of a bad idea but where the heck does all of this money come from?

Well, just like how real celebrities might make money in a lot of different ways like  TV shows, deals, endorsements, fashion, etc. Youtube creators can actually have a variety of revenue streams as well, Here is the some best way to make money on youtube:

Google Adsense

l the most obvious one is  “Google Adsense”. This program allows creators to earn a share of the money from the advertising that you might see before a video.

You know the ones with the yellow progress bar along the bottom and sometimes a skip ad button on the right outside.  Advertisers bid on this paying more for unskippable or longer video spots and less for banners and other less desirable placements.

YouTube then runs these ads, you see them and that money gets shared between YouTube itself and whichever creators video the ad was run against.So, if you get a lot of views it’s a fairly straightforward way to monetize them but there are some criteria. We talk later.

Brand deals

Many creators use “brand deals” these often take the form of product placements or brand messaging that is directly baked into the actual video instead of being separately served from the Adsense program.

The most part creators are free to negotiate brand deals directly with potential sponsors, keeping all of the ad revenue for themselves. this means they can be quite lucrative but there’s also a lot more management overhead because there are so many ways to approach this. some deals are per video,  some are bonus based,  some offer rewards for extra engagement through clicks and views.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way that youtube creators make money from affiliate marketing. creators who feature a certain product in their videos such as for an unboxing a hall or a review will include a link to an online retailer like Amazon in the video description. If a viewer clicks the link and buys something the creator will get a kickback from the retailer in return for driving traffic to their site.

Now, although each individual purchase might only net a small amount of money, affiliate revenue can add up to a lot over time.

Viewers can Contribute

So, it’s a significant thing that viewers can do to help their favorite creators make money.  unless they’d rather just cut out the extra step and give it to them directly,  now we don’t do too much of this on tech wiki but either through YouTube’s own memberships program or third-party sites like Patreon and floatplane.

viewers can contribute directly to their favorite shows in return for rewards like live hangouts, early access, exclusive content, or even just fuzzy feelings of gratitude.


YouTubers make a small amount of money from selling a t-shirt or a sticker. it makes up a significant part of the business like brand clothing or as a beauty product portfolio.   So, then that’s most of the common stuff but frankly just like how you can find videos on youtube? you can also find a seemingly unlimited supply of creative ideas for how to make money on youtube? we’ve seen everything from traditional media gigs like appearing on reality shows or hosting events to going on live tours both music and other.

Youtube Monetization Requirements

The criteria that you have to hit before YouTube decides to pay you is still the same as ever to be eligible for YouTube payments you need to have 1,000 subscribers on your channel and you need to rack up over 4,000 hours of watch time on your YouTube videos.

 And even when you’ve hit those two things you still need to have made over $100 worth of revenue on your channel before YouTube decides to pay you.

And that translates to loosely around 50,000 views of your videos to make that 100 dollar requirement. so that’s the criteria the same as always but what has changed?

When going into the new YouTube creator studio and clicking on monetization to set up your channel payments, now there is the area where you go to check your eligibility to get payments from YouTube.

Then you set up your YouTube payments once you are eligible.

what’s changed now, as part of the process is on this screen you can now see your eligibility within YouTube creator studios, you can see all within this one area. that shows you how many subscribers of 1000 needed, You already have.  and how many hours of what time of the four thousand hours needed you already have.

So, this is brand new to the process of setting up your YouTube payments before you couldn’t see this information in the admin area.  that’s a new feature that’s been added.

Other Feature

Another new feature that’s been added is you can click the bottom that says notify me and YouTube will send you an email as soon as you’ve hit those two pieces of criteria needed to start getting paid from YouTube.

so the process they’re getting paid has been made super easy, you no longer have to keep going in to check whether you’re eligible and go into different parts of YouTube to check.

that it’s all on one screen and you get an automatic email as soon as you are eligible and once you’ve hit that criteria and you’ve had that email there’s.

Three steps to getting paid from YouTube

 First off you’re going to have to sign the YouTube Partner Program, Terms & Conditions, you can do that from within YouTube.

 Next, have to create a Google Adsense account that Google is going to pay you through for your YouTube views finally

The third step is when you’ve done those two things you have to wait for YouTube to review your channel to make sure they approve it getting paid.

YouTube will typically take up to 30 days to do that final review of your channel and as long as your channel meets the YouTube partner program policies and the YouTube ad guidelines.  you’ll be completely fine and you’ll be set up for YouTube payments in no time.

it completely simplified easy to do and you can do it all within the new YouTube creator studio and as I said before once you’ve been reviewed and you get approved, you then need to cross the 100 dollar threshold to get your first payment from YouTube and as I said you’ll typically need around 50,000 views to cross that threshold.

How many views on youtube to make Money

How many views do you need on YouTube to make money? So, how much you earn from YouTube per 1000 views?  in simple terms- “advertising companies”  like Google and YouTube pay YouTubers as per 1000 views.  you won’t be paid on every single view -the reason to keep for 1000 views is to keep earning calculations simple and easy to understand.

How many subscribers to make money on youtube?

I’ve noticed that there’s recently been a spike of interest on how YouTube monetization works and it’s totally understandable because a lot of us are spending a lot more time at home.  And the idea of making money on YouTube while doing nothing sounds really good!

What makes me the expert of YouTube because over the years of hard work I have managed to grow my super small channel from nothing to while still nothing but hey, at least I will tell you how things really are? What worked for me? With no promises of 125 step program of success in one week because there’s no such thing.

So, let’s get into those questions that you guys have asked me over the time maybe this helps you.  the most popular question that I always get is

How much subscribers do you need to get money on YouTube?

At this moment to qualify for YouTube monetization you need 1,000Subscribers.  But 1,000 subscribers are not going to be enough because you also need to accumulate 4,000 hours of watch time on YouTube.

in the last year once you get both of those numbers at the same time YouTube will start to review your channel if it’s eligible for monetization.

once I hit the criteria but for some reason, you lose one of the subscribers and now we have 999 subscribers but still, you have the right amount of watch time that YouTube will not review your channel or demonetize your channel.

The same thing goes for watch time errors, if now, you have 1000 subscribers  & about three thousand 999 hours of watch time then YouTube will not review your channel or monetize.

How much YouTube pay for each subscriber?

The official amount right now for each subscriber is nothing! YouTube doesn’t pay for subscribers.

How much money do you get for 100 watch time hours?

Also nothing, YouTube doesn’t pay for watch time hours.

How much money do you get for 1000 subscribers?

Well, it’s the same question and the answer is pretty much the same but let me give you a straight answer about this.  There is no Specific amount YouTube pays or any amount of subscribers.

YouTube pays you every time there’s an ad showing in front of your video in the middle of your video or at the end of your video but only if the people watching those,  click on their ads, and then you would get a tiny amount of money for each time that happens.

Even then the amount that you would get is completely different between each channel. So, there’s no way to say specifically how much everyone’s gay and that’s called CPM on YouTube. you can check that out in your YouTube analytics.

It also depends on how popular the Channels?.  the same ads showing on a Smaller channel would not get as much money as the same ad showing on a very popular video with a lot of subscribers and a lot of views.  so, you can’t really calculate how much everyone is getting.  it’s always just an estimate or approximate and once your channel grows more your CPM grows with it. so you get more subscribers, more views, more comments, more likes -all the engagement counts together.

The YouTube algorithm thinks that showing the ad on your video is more worthy and that’s how you get more money.  so, the CPM changes all the time.  when your channel grows you get more money but it also changes between the seasons.

let’s say, in January your CPM is going to get a lot lower about in December when everyone wants to pay more for the ads you’ll get more and your CPM will grow.

but the short answer would be you don’t get any money for any subscribers.

Does YouTube pay me every single day?

No, not at all and it doesn’t pay anyone every single day. YouTube pays you once a month and only if you reach the threshold of $100 in that month and if you don’t reach the threshold, YouTube keeps the money that you’ve earned in their AdSense account until you finally reach the threshold.

Then they’ll pay you at the end of the month for normal you tubers it just happens once a month as a salary.

Do you get more money from subscribers or front of the views?

We talked about the subscribers, so you don’t get any money from subscribers but you still need them to be eligible for monetization because even if you have 1 million views but no subscribers for some reason then you would still get no money.  so you still need your 1000msubscribers to be eligible for monetization.


How long does it take to make money on youtube?

how long it took me to earn my first thousand dollars on YouTube? so that’s what when I started my first channel, my videos were really awful, the thumbnails for just a few of them just how awful they were!

So, I started in September of 2012 and so I’m going to take you over to look at my analytics so you can see how long it took me to start actually earning money for these videos.

here we are in my analytics, here are the views and you can see that in this first two years of running this channel, I ended up earning a total of just over $500 if we click on the revenue tab you can see that I started earning a little bit of. money in January of 2013.

how to make a money on youtube

So, not very long into starting the channel just about four months or so after I uploaded my first video,  I started earning money but it was really just a couple pennies.

here and there and it wasn’t until we got to this point right here then I earned my first $1.00 in a day. I had a video take off a little bit there but I did get my first check until over a year into running that channel when I did get that first check it was for about a hundred dollars which is the amount that your first YouTube check is normally for because YouTube pays out when you earn your first $100.

So, even though I was just earning a few pennies here and there a dollar here and there that money eventually added up and I got that first check over that first two year period. I earned a total of over five hundred dollars, most of that was earned in the second year which means that I ended up earning about $50 a month.

So, yes I was making money on YouTube but it wasn’t very much.

But, now let me show you what happened when I started my current YouTube channel.  So, I started uploading videos to the new YouTube channel in May of 2017. so at this point has been a bit over two years since I started the channel.

so let’s take a look at the analytics, here’s the graph for the views that I got on this channel and at first it doesn’t look that exciting compared to the other one until you realize how much bigger the numbers on the right are.

make money from youtube

so, you can see that after I’ve been running the channel for about six months, I was getting 10 to 20,000 views per day on the channel which was a lot more views than I was getting on the first channel and if we click over to the revenue tab you can see that by August, I was earning significantly more money than I was earning with the first channel I started.

Earning $5, $10,  a day and actually got my first check from YouTube in August of 2017 so just about three months into running this new channel I got my first check for one hundred and thirteen dollars and after that, the money started coming faster and faster by December of 2017.

Just four months after I got that first check, I got a check for two thousand two hundred and forty-nine dollars.  a lot more than that one hundred dollar check and in fact a lot more than I had earned in the entire first two years of running my first channel.

so, you can see that the money that YouTube was paying me really started adding up a lot more quickly.

How long did it take me to earn my first thousand dollars on YouTube?

Well, with channel number one which ended up taking me about three years but the second one,  it took me just six months during my first thousand dollars. I started the channel in May and by October 20th I reached $1015  in revenue earned for my YouTube videos a whole lot faster than with that first channel.

if you’re starting your channel right now and you’re wondering how quickly you’re going to be able to start making money with your channel and how long it will take for that money to really start adding up? I would say that if you’re just completely shooting in the dark and you’re not really putting any effort into making your videos good or optimizing them for YouTube search or anything like that it might take you a few years before you start making any money with your channel.I

in fact, you might never start making money if you aren’t putting some effort into your videos.  but if you put a little bit more effort into doing it, the right way and you actually work on making good quality videos, you do some keyword research, to find topics that people are actually interested in watching videos about and you optimize your videos for YouTube search then you’re going to start to see some growth a lot more quickly.

We consistently see that people who follow good practices on a basic level, I’m not talking about doing something particularly extraordinary, making cinematic quality videos, or having a team of people promoting their videos or anything like that.

I just mean they’re making basically good videos about topics people are interested in watching and they have interesting looking thumbnails things like that really simple, basic things, those people – they see that growth and within the first three to six months– they typically get their first check from YouTube and it quickly grows from there.

Tools I’m using on Youtube Channel.

how to utilize YouTube’s search feature as a way to grow your channel and get views? now there are tons of software out there and extensions like to Tubebuddy and vid IQ and some others and they’re fantastic and you can download them for free.

TubeBuddy: help you find high-performing, searchable video topics, and then craft the perfect titles and tags.

VidIQ: If you Want to build an engaged audience, manage multiple channels  & Youtube vides and grow views,? vidIQ is the answer.


So, I hope, you find this post inspirational and encouraging, if you’re starting your channel or maybe you’ve been working on your channel for a little while and you’re wondering -you ever get paid for your

Videos?  The answer is YES!



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