How To Make Money On Pinterest ?Pinterest Money.

make money on Pinterest

In this method, you don’t need your own product, if you do have a product you can also make money and the best part it’s a completely free traffic source, Pinterest is a free traffic source. you don’t need to run ads or anything like that.

In fact, Pinterest has over 290 million active users every single month. it is a huge search engine and a lot of people don’t actually realize they can use  Pinterest for free traffic. you can go and make money with that particular traffic now.

I also use Pinterest to send traffic to my blogs, it’s a very powerful platform to get traffic and make money online.

Basically this is the formula and you must understand. Don’t think of Pinterest as a way to make money, as a platform to make money- think of Pinterest as a traffic source that you can use that traffic to make money.

What a lot of people don’t understand is: – when they’re trying to make money online, the main is traffic source!  If you don’t have traffic, you’re not going to make money. So, what you want to be doing is thinking of Pinterest as a traffic source and you want to send people to a product.

How to make money on Pinterest?

how to make a money on pintrest

In this particular case, you don’t need your own product.  You can do a thing called affiliate marketing, where you promote a product, you will get a commission.

Actually, you would get a percentage of that product sells, for $100 you might get $50 from that particular product but it’s a very simple process. when someone purchases you get a commission.

What’s your Product?

Now, here’s another example:- as if you have your own products list. Like, you might have a course, a software, maybe you have a YouTube channel, that’s a product. maybe you have a blog post that could be considered a product.

what you’ve got to understand is all you’re trying to do is get traffic to one particular location and then you can sell whatever you like. well maybe you’re not selling anything directly, you just want to build up can also do it if you have your own products.

but a lot of people do this wrong! there’s a big mistake that people doing it’s called product aliment.

Pinterest Traffic Proof

pinterest traffic proof

now, if you don’t believe me that Pinterest can work. basically I grew this blog and youtube channel to start from Pinterest but if that’s not enough proof!  Here’re are some of the Pinterest profiles that I regularly visit and they get a lot of views. so one point for month million views. now this one 700,000 monthly views, 1.2 million monthly views 1.8 million monthly viewers and these are just for profiles.

 I want to show you exactly how to make money on Pinterest:

Find a Product

step number one is:- you need to find a product.  This is quite important however, a lot of people get this wrong, which we call product alignment. So, for example, let’s say: you do a YouTube video about making money online and you want to share it on Pinterest because that is about making money online.

Maybe, you just want to send people from Pinterest. Obviously, if this particular pin is “how to make passive income with no money?:  Then, you would want to promote a product about making money.

However, let’s take this one for example; twelve free apps that pay you money, the thing about this guys is most people will try and promote another make money online offer!

what do you want to be doing with something like this?  most applications will have an affiliate program that you can actually go and use and make money from.

There’s a lot of affiliate program and they promote, another one, that I found. Before let me find it, they also promote Uberearn where they will get an affiliate commission.

So, that each has an affiliate program or a referral program and they just put links.  and that’s all particular products.

How to sell?

But that’s the thing they’re not trying to spam make money online methods.  they are basically signing up that offer with the product in the article. For example, if I click on this one the “Swagbucks”. It says she goes to an application review then they will have their affiliate links.

if you want to basically go and do lists say “you want to do an article or something” based on the twelve free apps that pay you money! then, just go on those apps that you list- simply go to the app websites and at the bottom, they will usually have something that says”  sign up as an affiliate” so, for example, this website here we scroll down and it says affiliate. you can get your affiliate link.

Here is another one, let’s say I have a product which is web hosting. I do a tutorial on-“how to create a web a website” then I would obviously promote a web hosting service.  So for example, this one here is called Bluehost.

You would get $65 each time someone signs up! So, you need to sign up for the product that’s very important.

Where do you find these products?

Number one is a website called Clickbank.  On Clickbank, you can find products in any niche.  once you sign up to Clickbank, you’ll go to the backend, click on the marketplace section and you can find products.

if you don’t want to sign up to Clickbank or you can’t then you can go to a website called Maxbounty or Digistore24. it’s probably the best Click bank alternative, they also have products as well.  just sign up but remember, you have to sign up for the product and the offer.

Create a Bridge Page

We can’t send people straight to an affiliate link but what I would do is create what we call a bridge page. a bridge page is, we send traffic to a page where we clicked an email or maybe we do a blog post and then we have affiliate links in there.

And we send people to the affiliate product. For example, I have an article on –how to start a blog successfully? This would be a bridge page where, I’m going to send people to this page and then they might sign up to the free course I have, where I get affiliate Commission’s

Instead of sending people straight to the affiliate link I’m going to be sending people to a bridge page where to the affiliate link.  It’s just better that way you’re building up credibility, collecting email for future marketing it just works out better there way.

So, I would recommend creating what we call a bridge page. It can be anything from a page where collect an email or it can be a blog page.

Sending Traffic for Pinterest Money

Next, what you want to be doing is sending the Pinterest traffic from here to the bridge page and then to the product .so, for example, if you went to Maxbounty and you found a product which is called “the twelve-minute affiliate”

you would go into a product, you would maybe write a review in a blog article.  So, your review would be the bridge page and you can do copywriting that gets people to purchase the product.

then have your affiliate link on that bridge page and send people to the product that way it just works out much better. and whenever people click your affiliate link, you would make Pinterest money.

 How to Create a Pin?

Creating pins and optimizing them. it is one of the most important parts. I’ll tell you how to do that it’s like a search engine, you have to tell Pinterest what your stuff is about.

if you don’t know what to create pins about or if you don’t know anything, simply go Pinterest and put in keywords.

So, I’ve put in “money” right and it’s going to come up with all the top pins like: “20 ways to make my money”, : five hundred dollars in 72 hours.”

how to make money on Pinterest

I wouldn’t really do that it’s a bit too spammy, but basically, you can do something similar” ten ways to make money online in 2020” and you can have somewhere in there some links to your affiliate product, that’s what I recommend you do because that’s what works on Pinterest.

So, “learn how to make money with Google” that’s another one  “I’ll make a hundred dollars every single Day” let’s go down here- I’m trying to find some good ones that work .so here’s one  “how to create your own website”.

I could just simply link to this, actually, that’s an ad but simply the same thing-“ ten online jobs to make $2000 every week”  that’s a little bit clickbait but you could do something similar “ ten jobs to make three hundred dollars every single week”  or “ 10 jobs to make a hundred dollars every single week”  one of the jobs you can list as affiliate marketing then you can put a link to an affiliate marketing course. you could do one of them on e-commerce and link to an e-commerce course.

you can also do Fitness, find fitness products to promote.  if I put Fitness in here you can find fitness products to promote.  Go and find out others do. Find out, where they’re linking? what products they’re promoting? Do your research and mimic what they’re doing.

it’s very easy to understand if we go back to the money one again and click on this one “ten online jobs that pay you $2,000 every single week” where does this go to? it’s probably going to go to a bridge page …yes, this is a bridge page. it’s a blog post it is classed as a bridge page.

and she has affiliate marketing links this is “survey junkie”; if someone signs up, she’s going to get a commission.  She’s probably got a lot of affiliate marketing links in here. Therefore, go and see what other people are doing.

How to make Pin Graphics?

So, you can understand how powerful this is but you want to be creating bridge pages but how do you make these? you can make them for free and I’ve actually made one for an example in here but what you want to do is go to a website called You can use a free account and then just go to Pinterest.

design anything-canva

They’ve actually got these pre-made ones Pinterest graphic.  You can literally go and find particular graphics how easy this is?

After creating download into your computer use that to go and put on Pinterest, that’s how easy it is. Here, literally done for you.  You just need to edit the templates.

You should have a Pinterest account signed up, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like at the start.  It’s going to be a little bit bad but you’re just working with it.  What you want to do is: you simply want to go to the plus sign and you want to go to create a Pin.

   How to keywords Optimize?

Creating the pin is the most important part when it comes to actually try to get the traffic on Pinterest.  Most people don’t do it properly.  So, what I’m going to do is I have my article, where I want to send people to this particular blog and then they’re going to click on the links. I’m going to look at some keywords.

How to create your own website” so, what I’m going to do is title “how to create a website in 2020 fast” this has got keywords in it “how to create a website” that’s a keyword.  That’s what people search. “Fast” is also something people search as well.

if you’re doing” how to lose weight” to do “how to lose weight”  “how to make money” or “how to make money online: What I do recommend is if you are going to do things like jobs:” best jobs work from home” in your title.

Do you know? Just on Google alone it’s over 300,000 searches per month just for how to make money online.  300,000 a month that’s not including all of the other keywords related to that.

Describe with keyword

Many people just put up an image! This is a terrible idea! You need to actually optimize it.

canva design

Basically tell everyone what your PIN is about you have 500 characters to full with keywords.  so, let me do that real quick. I didn’t fill the description out completely, I think, we worked on your characters left but I want to show you kind of how I optimized, it’s very Pinterest knows where to show the image when people are searching.!

What you’re trying to do is optimize the image. So, Pinterest can find it and serve it to the right people who are searching for that particular thing.

Obviously, you can’t just go and put out one pin and you’re going to make a lot of money! You need to actually stick to this and do pins daily and build out an audience and build out a Pinterest account like the business. this Didn’t just happen overnight, it does take time, work, and dedication.

Now, once you’ve actually set all this up then go to and just copy the link of wherever you’re sending it. you might be sent into a course on how to create a website or a blog? You might be sending them to a bridge page.  Just get the link to wherever you’re going to be sending them. You might be sending them straight to affiliate products and just post the link and that’s it and hit the publish button, before that you can create a board, just like blogging and publish. That will show up when people are searching for specific keywords.

How you can automate this?

How you can automate it? so, we don’t have to put in as much work? What we can use tool-“ this cost money” but they do have a free trial this is what I do on a lot of my Pinterest accounts.

What this tool does is called tailwind, this will actually schedule everything.

So, you can schedule pin, one day you can just set up maybe 20, 30 pins and you can schedule them throughout the week and you can do it all automatically or you can actually use other people’s pins and you can change the text and links.

you can use those if you don’t want to create your own pins that’s what tailwind does. I’m not an affiliate or anything I’m not going to be leaving any links to this. I just want to show you a cool tool that I use and you can use this to automate the process.

that’s how you can make money online with Pinterest. Again, you’re not going to make money instantly or overnight. This does take time. However, I did promise you in this Post, when people click on this it goes to the article or it goes to your affiliate link. Yes, you can use affiliate links on Pinterest you just can’t shorten them according to their policies.

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