How to make money on fiverr ? No Experience Needed

make money on fiverr

Here, I’m going to explain to you exactly how to make money on Fiverr. like  $30, $50 or, even $100 per day on Fiverr, in case you don’t know Fiverr! it is a market place where people sell their services or products as low as $5. it’s a very cool & unique website, I personally use it all the time to buy services like logo designs, website development, content for website, social media marketing, and more. so let me show you how to make money on Fiverr?

there are tons and tons of ways to make money on Fiverr. this is just one of them. So, keep growing, keep expanding your knowledge, and keep making things happen. there’s so much money to be made. all you have to do is understand how to go and get it?  how to provide value to the marketplace? and you’re well on your way. the Internet has so many opportunities, all you have to do is go out and get it.

The first way to make money on Fiverr with skill. like, sell your own service or products in case if you’re good at something like website development, video editing, photo editing, voice-over, graphic design, content writing or anything that you any skill or like translations, for example, any skill that you that is in demand and you’re good at so that people can be satisfied. You can go through the categories and just check in case if you have some hidden talent that you can sell on this platform

How to sell your Gigs on Fiverr? Step by Step Guide

So, how you can sell your gigs? First, what we want to do head over to Fiverr. What I did is I just went to  Suppose you know what about backlinks and want to sell on Fiverr. basically what I did is typed in the search “backlinks” and what I did from there is you can see that there are people selling backlinks!

How to make money on fiverr

if you don’t know, what about backlinks: basically they are their posts on websites all over the internet and what you do is: you put in a link. did you talk about for example how to lose weight? you don’t need a lot, you get good exercise, just sleep well, and then right at the end of that you post your link to your website, and then what that does is- it tells Google that hey this website is being shared. it’s getting authority.

people are liking it, let’s move it up in the search engines because people obviously like him. So, Google will move your website or your post or your video higher in the search engine and you get more views which means that you get more money and people are willing to pay for these backlinks.

what you as you can see, I will do six manual backlinks for 10 bucks. I’ll do 80 for $5. I will do ninety for$5.  I will do you know just different.

So,  you want to do your research but people are selling these backlinks and I’m going to give you ten sites that you can use right now to build your backlinks. what I strongly recommend that you do though is that you buy one of these like cheap $5 backlinks and you just see what these guys do? how do they ask their questions?  how they get their information? because what you need from your customer when you’re creating a gig.

You need to get their information, you need to what do you want me to write about? what’s the title of these articles going to be? and what’s your link that you want me to backlink to?

Create New Gigs

Then, you’d want to do is just go to selling and then you’d want to go to gigs and then after that, you just want to click create a new gig and then what you want to do is you just want to type something similar to what other people are saying.

put like digital marking or if there’s an SEO. You’ll find there’s a digital marketing and then you’d put SEO and then a backlink. which is off-page SEO. so that’s kind of what you do there. you’d put some search tags like you know “backlink”  “Authority backlinks”, offline SEO, just stuff like that and then you click Save and continue. you’d complete your gig.

How you do this is,  you’d actually just get ideas from all these other people so you can have a good idea and you know that’s something that I really do in business.  I’m always looking at what the most successful people are doing. Obviously, these guys at the top of the search are doing something well.

I would just study them, so again,  I said these people are just selling backlinks and they’re just literally posted on random websites not necessarily random but they’re posts on websites that you backlink to their site and it makes their webpages rank higher in Google.

 Build Backlink- Free website List


The first one is actually going to be  these are all free sites,  if you go to, you can actually set up a site and start to write like how to lose weight? and you’d write like of it may be a few sentences- this is how you lose weight and then you put your backlink in there. you would obviously, get this backlink for example someone who bought your gig on Fiverr and then boom it’s just like that’s backlink getting.  you’d click publish! now it has been backlinked into google. Google is gonna see this backlink. now, you’re going to be able to see and that’s how basically all this work.


the next one is Tumblr, it is another blogging platform and you’d make a new post and you link it.

Another one is, the blogger is a blogging platform that Google owns. So you would simply sign up for a blogger account & create a new post and write your new post then link it.

The next one I use is, now you probably know Wix as a website builder. you’d simply just create a website- a free website. you click, manage, edit, and then you would add new posts to your blog which is a very simple process.

Another high authority website is, it’s another blogging platform you just click your name and you click a new story.

 Live Journal

LiveJournal is another blogging platform, you click to post new entry and type in your information.


Weebly is another website building a type of site and you just click, Edit the site, and then add to your blog part of your website.


Reddit is another, popular forum. it’s like a social network type blogging. You would just create an account and you’d click a new post then you t put your video in there.

SOS blogs

And you’re good to go last but not least it’s called SOS blogs.  this looks like  very old-school type of blog.  but basically you just log into your SOS blogs com account, you’d click a new post and you would be good to go.

The most important thing is: these are all free. none of these are paid, every single one of these is free and there’s so many more out there.

As you can see On Fiverr, many guys are doing literally 80 backlinks, 80 to 90 backlinks, and some just blog comments. these are doing 80 high authority backlinks for SEO.

Obviously, these guys have a lot more than just $10. so what you would do? Probably, I recommend is you’d buy one of the gigs from Fiverr, you’d see, what are these guys actually doing? how are they getting 80 or 90 backlinks?  And you just do what they’re doing.

just do exactly what they’re doing!  You provide 80 backlinks then just keep one of studying, you want to do something different and you just want to keep on grinding.

How to make money on Fiverr for beginners?

It’s not going to happen overnight and in order to get in something that really can help you out is I get a friend or someone to buy something from you and have them leave a good review, a solid review for you. So, you can get started.  it’s really hard to get started if you don’t have any reviews or you’re beginners on Fiverr. so let have your friends buy something from you. I get a good review and deliver the work. Don’t be like super sketchy about this because if you didn’t

How to make money on Fiverr without any skill?

The first option to make money on Fiverr is: Earn with your skill (or learn and earn )and I will explain about the second option which is reselling someone else’s services or products, so now I’m going to show you how to actually make money on Fiverr without skill.

so, what can you resell on Fiverr without doing anything and without breaking any copyright laws. “it’s PR articles and eBooks”

PR stands for private label rights and it usually PLR products are those products that you can use the way you like, you cannot claim copyright but you can use it, you can rebrand it, you can resell it, you can modify it as well it’s totally up to you.

we are going to buy one of these PR products ebook or article pack for example and put a gig on Fiverr. so that you basically investing only $5

if you type in PLR into the search bar on Fiverr you will found a lot of PLR ebooks, images, and articles gigs. you sell it all. (we can buy all types of PLR books, articles, images from Seoclerk, just for $5)

First, you have to upload these packages that you’re starting to cloud services like Dropbox for example, and extract the download link,( in case if someone buys your gig you just send the to download link) they freely download that pack of articles or ebooks to their computer.

You can also resell the SEO package, which is bought from SEOCLERK and resell on Fiverr with a double margin.

So, I appreciate your time for reading this and, hopefully, you understood the whole process, how to make money on Fiverr. like I said all you’re going to do is create a gig just like one of these and then every time someone buys something from you, you’re going to put a backlink to all of these different sites. I recommend you, buy one of them and just see how the process works, if you’re extremely new on Fiverr because you need to know how this process works you . just buy like a $5 gig and check out how it works but other than that you guys are well on your way. And, On the second option, you make money on Fiverr without any skill, simply by reselling the products.

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