How To Make $200 In One Day With No Money To Start? New strategy.

How To Make $200 In One Day With No Money To Start? New strategy.

How To Make $200 In One Day With No Money To Start? as simply asking three question. This strategy might be a little bit confusing because we have never talked about it before on my entire blogging.  it’s a brand new strategy, it’s a very unique strategy and because of that you really want to pay close attention to this article and I will try to explain to you everything in a more simple way as possible!

So, let’s get started– our first platform is gonna be Serpclix!

yes, we have talked about Serpclix. in some of my previous posts but in that post, I was only showing you how you can make money by becoming a clicker on server clicks because it’s server click space.

How To Make $200 In One Day


You to search and click on their client’s websites but that’s only gonna make you just a couple of cents per click which is definitely not something that can replace your full-time income but now I’m gonna show you how you can combine a desk tool with two more platforms in order to make $200 in a single day, and the best part, only three questions you asked. so not answer about three questions you ask, I know it sounds crazy but just stick with me and I will show you exactly step by step what those questions are? how to use them? how that will make you money? and I will let you just copy and paste those questions.

So, it will be easier and faster for you, and don’t worry, it’s not affiliate marketing, Serpclix does not have an affiliate program. anyways firstly what Serpclix, does well as you can see Serpclix is the crowd-sourced solution to improve your organic SEO rankings by sending real human visitors.

so some website owners will pay the sort of clicks to help them get higher rankings. high rankings on Google, so they can maybe take this number the spot number one of Google, and Serpclix will pay everyday people to search and click on that website until it ranks number one. you can even watch their video from website, this is really useful like fifty-five seconds long video that’s gonna help you get a better insight of what serve clicks actually does.

Basically it’s a great tool because everyone wins: website owner will make a lot more money after being ranked number one on Google, clickers will make a few dollars by clicking and a Serpclix will make money off of their client.

but how do you make money if there’s no affiliate program or anything?

especially those three questions will hear Scout so you wanna come over to this platform and once you read more about it you will then go to the second platform they will be using before we go to the last platform we have three different platforms as I said

this is gonna be the second its You come over to and don’t worry I know that Fiverr is a really competitive website and that’s why we will not stick to this one, we have also one more platform After this one. so, Fiverr, if you come over to here and you search for Google or rank you won’t be able to see the people are providing these services but if you do a little research on here, you’ll be able to see that no one is providing the same service as a SERP clicks actually does because Serpclix will actually get you real human visitors, no robots, and will help you along, it will help you rank on Google for a long term, so it’s not only like rank for one day or whatever,

How To Make $200 In One Day With No Money To Start? Brand new strategy.

it’s actually gonna help you rank a long term because of real visitors and so that’s gonna get a lot of traffic of people, and people can actually make more than $200 in a day on the backend by ranking high on Google.

You can see all these different services here in Fiverr but what you will need to do is: you will need to come over to Fiverr and you will post your gig on here! yes, you will post your gig- I know all of you guys hate posting on Fiverr and hate selling in Fiverr because, it’s really competitive and I got you, but don’t worry because you will not have to rely only on Fiverr traffic and you will not have to wait for months and months to get a sale because with the next platform with a strick you will actually be able to view it and especially with those three

questions which I’m about to give you at the end of the post but

anyways you boost a gig on Fiverr, you want to make something similar to these guys are doing. you want to tell them like in your gig, you can say like get real organic SEO rankings, I will send you real human visitors and just talk more about the actual services. so you’ll be actually drop servicing, serve clicks services. you’re not gonna feel that your drop servicing this you can charge a lot more on Fiverr and people will be more than willing to pay even more for this

Because not a lot of people know about

Serpclix looks like only a few people actually know about a Serpclix,  and how powerful it? actually , you can just go through all the benefits that this tool actually has and you can just tie them out in your gear just as if you were providing the service and then when someone orders from you. you will just place an order or Serpclix but I will show you exactly how to do that in a couple of minutes and make huge amount of money a lot more than $200 In One Day but before that let me just know help you get actual traffic.

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if you don’t want to just rely on Fiverr traffic because as you can see Fiverr is a competitive website and it can be really hard if you’re just a complete beginner or  if you have never sold anything on here before it can be really hard to get established and get a sale if you’re just relying on organic traffic,

But, I’m gonna show you what you can actually find your customers. so you will go over to Google, obviously, you come over to Google and you can search for like millions of different products and millions of different websites! where people are selling their products, their services. where they’re running their business maybe dentist, maybe a gene, maybe a chiropractor, maybe a restaurant, maybe someone is selling phone cases on their website, therefor Shopify stores,.. different courses people are selling courses.

on here for example, if you search for like I will search for instance Instagram course- you can see

how to earn money

there are like thousands of different Instagram courses that are selling on here but whatever product you search for you want to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website and then you go to the second, third or four-page.

so, for example, I go through the third page. when I search for an Instagram course, I will be able to see all those different courses.  make sure to focus only on actual individuals or actual businesses that are selling something on here but not a huge company like udemy and of course, skip the ads you’re not interested in.  in ads even for example click on this one, I will click on this one

that’s gonna show us the desert guys his course for 597 euros and he already has over 1,000 students which are quite a lot of money even if they’re not ranking on Google but if they were ranking on Google they would have made a lot more money probably two or three more probably three or three times more money than that and that’s quite a lot if you do the math.

So, they’re leaving a lot of money on the table, actually a lot, more than Make $200 In One Day because they’re not able to rank on Google and they know that they probably know that but they don’t know how to rank.

and now what you can do is you can find those different websites, they’re not ranking but they’re selling something.

it’s simple as that, you know to find someone that is selling something but is not ranking on the page number one on Google when you search a specific keyword

then, open up that the website, scroll all the way down of it and you want to find their current information.  that’s mostly gonna be at the bottom of the website. so, for example, for this guy’s it’s at the bottom of the website, you will click on an email and you will email them

But, remember, you will not directly push and try to sell them serve clicks but you will tell them all the benefits that a ranking on Google can get them if we don’t know anything about it just google it. a little bit you know you will need to put in a little bit of time and effort.

after that, you will just be able to copy these three questions and

you will be able to repeat the process again and again and actually make a lot in just 200 dollars from it.

you can actually build a sustainable business on this. so, definitely, since it’s a serious business and then treat it seriously. you will email them and you will tell them how you know someone in Fiverr that is selling ranking services and then they will actually help them rank higher on Google and if they’re interested in, you can send them that gig on Fiverr.

if they say they want to check it out because obviously, that’s gonna make them more than $200 in a single day. so why not check it out! you will send them your Fiverr guide- you will take the URL of your five gigs . for example, list your Fiverr gig, you will copy your link address and you will just send them over your Fiverr gig.

so they can go through it, you also want to include brief, you want to tell them but before you place an order to make sure to contact me.  so, you can tell them that in your description of the gig. you can say before you place or your order make sure to contact me! so you can answer three questions and trust me a lot of people will be buying this.

You can use this google trick just for a couple of first sales! so you can just get a momentum that’s gonna be a little bit harder to find people on Google and you actually try to sell them through Fiverr but you’re doing that just to get a little bit of establishing Fiverr and once you do,  you start getting a few sales.

and Fiverr like two or three different sales you got then it’s gonna be a lot easier because now Fiverr is gonna push your gig where it’s gonna get your organic traffic. so you don’t have to search through clients but Fiverr will actually do that for you.

Now, what those three questions are? so, you’ll tell them to ask you( tell them to contact you before purchasing, so you can ask them at three simple questions)

those questions are :

The first question for this  How To Make $200 In One Day is gonna be how many monthly searches are for that specific keyword they want to rank for? and the reason you’re asking them those questions is that you want to die reminder their price, so you want to tell them how much exactly they need to pay in order to get at the top of the search results on Google for that specific keyword and you’re doing that because of Serplix.

Actually does it as well, so you are just reselling this service over here because not a lot of people know about Serplix as I said there are only a few people that actually know about it. but actually it’s super beneficial and it’s can actually make website owners a lot of money and obviously we can also make our $200 in a day and what’s the answer: for the example- they’re like five thousand monthly searches for their keyword. you will just drag it all the way to five thousand.

then the Second Question would be: what is their current ranking position? they say for example it’s like number fifty, they’re ranking number 50 on Google and you will ask them if their target ranking position is number one and like 99% of the cases it is gonna be the number one and you can see in order to rank them number one for those specific requirements. you will need to pay two hundred and eighty-four dollars you will need to spend three hundred and eighty-four dollars on SERP clicks in order for them to get ranked on Google.

for like five to seven days now you don’t have to invest any money or men in any of your money into this upfront but you will actually charge them for example 500 or $600 and once they pay you like 500 or $600 you will then just go back to Serpclix and you will place an order for them so you will place an order with best requirements for example and if you charge them like $500 they gave you five hundred dollars.

Out of their five hundred dollars, you just put in two hundred and eighty-four dollars to place an order for this, well you’re being left with it the whole profit of two hundred and sixteen dollars just by asking them those three questions.

You send them these three questions, with you which you can just copy and paste, they answer those questions, they place an order, you take their money and you come over to here, place an order on Serpclix does everything for you and you know the process about how to Make $200 In One Day.

After you get the money, you can just enjoy it.  you can just leave it like that you don’t even have to open your laptop or turn on your computer because Serpclix will do it for you. Serpclix will rank their website and of course, they will be satisfied, they will be happy because they’re ranking on Google now. they’re getting a lot more traffic and of course, they will be adding a lot more sales and they will be making a lot more money. they will see a massive return on that investment.

So, everyone will be happy and satisfied and on top of that, there are millions and millions of websites on Google that would benefit from this. That is why, there is no shortage of ways to make more than Make $200 In One Day by drop servicing on Serpclix either Fiverr directly to Google or even some different Fiverr alternatives like people per hour, freelancer, true answer, Upwork and so on and so forth.

that’s it for this post, I hope you did get some value it and I know it was a little bit confusing but as you can see, it can actually be really powerful and easily earn $200 over and over, and it can actually make you a lot of money.

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