How To Make Easy Money-6 CPA Marketing Tips To Earn $250 per day.

How To Make Easy Money

Now, in this article- we’re gonna look at six major things that you should follow into when you’re picking an offer to promote. if you want to know, how to make easy money.  Because let’s be honest not every offer that you’re gonna be promoting is equal.  offers are not created equal, there are some good offers and they’re not bad offers, it’s subjective.  Some particular offer is ideal for you with your experience, your strengths, and your weaknesses.  Another offer is a much better offer, so, if somebody is killing with one offer that doesn’t mean you should be promoting it.  because they may know something that you don’t or they may have some kind of competitive advantage or they may have a website, that’s been around for ten years that’s ranking really well for those keywords.

So, let’s talk about some of the factors that you should be looking when choosing an offer to promote:-

#1  How to Choose an Offer

Choosing an offer gives us a chance to make easy money within CPA marketing. Solving a particular problem or is it just a cool one, of these cool interesting offers, are nice to have kind of offers to show you.  what I mean, I have my Maxbounty offer and I’m just looking at some offers- for instance, this win an iPhone 11s– so, why single opt-in offer.  this is a perfect example of a nice-to-have offer.

It’s not solving any problems, it’s not solving problems that the person has right.  They might have a phone, they might have an older iPhone, they may have an Android or a Samsung. there is an offer to win an iPhone 11 and they’re perfectly fine with their older phone. they don’t necessarily need an iPhone 11 but it’s nice to have a thing.

Whereas on the other thing, you have offers, they’re helping in some way- a really good example of an offer like that would be something like sleep,  I always go for sleep- may be something to help with sleep.  well sleep, essential oil, stop snoringanti-snoring septum. coldsleep pillow, these are examples of offers that solve a particular problem.

if you snore maybe- you were sleeping with a partner and they don’t really like that you’re snoring and they want a solution that you stop snoring and they can sleep peacefully.  In that case,  these are exactly perfect examples of offers that solve a problem.  now, these are just examples, there are lots of offers that date but they must solve a particular problem. These kinds of offers were solving pain.  point is two to three times easier to convert then you know a nice-to-have offer.

Something like sweepstakes. we have sweeps offers these are all mostly nice.  nice to have right freebies, when a 500 dollar H&M voucher, all of these are nice to have.  sweepstakes fall into that nice to have a category.  iPhone 11, all of these little things, they are nice to have.

so, if you are starting out it’s much better to go for an offer, where you are actually solving a problem and a lot of these offers- not all some of them- are econ products.  coldsleep pill or cool wind and these are problem-solving offers. these are econ products obviously, there are a lot of offers that are not just about econ, it could be good offers to promote but when you’re starting out! focus on offers that are solving a problem. because that person is much marked, more eager to actually purchase the product then as opposed to an offer where you know they can win something. These are the best tips for earning grom CPA marketing and where you make easy money.

# 2 Targeting Info

How make easy money with Targeting info?

That’s something you should look into the second factor that determines whether you should promote the software or not?  if they’re actually giving you targeting information?

So, not all offers do this and let’s go see if we could find an offer that does this. I was looking at silver, it was something like a dating offer single.  I did a dating kind of offer. when you open an offer there is a description box and they give you some offers, they give you targeting info- college, educated, higher position, their professional, career by paying power- singles looking for serious relationship- best converting, 50-plus.

this is a rather kind of sparse targeting info.  it’s not very comprehensive, it’s not very detailed but it’s better than nothing. so, if they giving you, it’s gonna help you to promote this offer because they’re already giving you information- that’s gonna save your time and money.  you should definitely pay attention to this another reason they’re telling you, this is because that CPA marketing offer is probably converting well, and they want you to basically make more or make easy money. otherwise, they probably wouldn’t be doing it.

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They put but they wouldn’t be putting all this effort, means, this is a poor offer and you should be basically looking while you’re looking at offers let’s see- if we can start fresh and how about the script to an investor?  five hundred fifty per lead?  it’s a new offer-  if they’re giving us targeting information but see they’re not giving us, they’re kind of being lazy about it and we’re lazy too and we want an offer that will give us some targeting information. that’s gonna make it easier.

If another offer gives us targeting information, we’re probably going with it because it’s going to save money and it saves time.  We don’t need to go out and test traffic. Otherwise, we try some high  EPC offers and see if they give targeting.  Like US health share, healthcare benefits, etc.

I can tell you that, there are offers that give you lots of targeting information, really valuable targeting stuff that you can input into Facebook ads or Google and so what advertising platform use and given the choice of promoting a CPA  offer, that gives you targeting information versus an offer that doesn’t. definitely go with the offer, that has to target info, helps us to make easy money.

# 3 Gives affiliate Resources

the next important one for all bout how to make easy money from CPA marketing relies on whether an offer gives you affiliate resources.  now this is kind of like the previous point with targeting information but it goes even further- I did a case study on econ products and I stumbled on an offer from Envato, which is a site that gives you  WordPress themes, templates, Plugin and things like that. so if I go to one of these offers, and they give you really, really nice things.  so they don’t really give you targeting information but what they do give you is resources on how to increase your earnings within Evanto elements.

if we open this dropbox – they do give you is something, they’re calling a publishers toolkit and you can scroll down they have a swipe copy and email banners. Which helps increase revenue from WordPress, polls.  this is genius, this is like- they actually went ahead and actually created this kind of little information, kind of pack, swipe copy, and emails.  this is the stuff that you can email directly if you have a list. From banners, you can put on your website, you can put make Facebook ads, using these banners and you can increase revenue from WordPress post.

[Read our 10-minute guide on how to 10x your affiliate earnings with Envato elements and WordPress and this is fantastic because if you have a blog or you’re planning to start a blog there you have resources and you can actually explore this material]

if you browse around you will find other or another kind of offers that also do this as well.  let’s go and see another offer from and Varro as well and see if they’re doing this. so they’re basically not selling, they’re not giving you this.  you know, affiliate information pack that they are but I believe these offers are fairly similar. so, you can use the information provided but I’ve seen offers where the description is just really really comprehensive and extensive and tells you a lot of things that you can promote such as the demographics.  sometimes they even tell you the political leanings, which is really helpful, if you were doing Facebook Ads.  because you can do a lot of really great targeting with it.

So, definitely pay attention to the description part and see the more they tell you.  probably the better the offer.  it is the next one is also very important and that is” whether you can advertise it on a particular traffic source”.  so, whether you can advertise the offer on Facebook, whether you can advertise it on Google or you can advertise it on via email campaigns or some native publisher Network and there are two things you have to look out for the first thing is “the offer”  and what you need to know scroll down a little bit and look at allow traffic types and so this particular offer this allows everything except email and incentive.

Now, most offers do not like the incentive that is where when you’re basically rewarding the person for taking an action and so nobody wants you to reward them for.   giving an email and you’re giving them some kind of incentive to do. so most offers will not have that, although there are offers that acceptance incentive.  now when it comes to the other elements that will vary depending on the offer.

if we want to advertise that on Facebook which I love advertising on Facebook then you want to make sure the social is there.  if you want to advertise it on the search you want to make sure the search is there. if you want to advertise on a display meaning, you know either like a Google Display Network or another the banner network or your own blog.  then you have to make sure that this display is allowed the same thing for mobile ads in push notifications, native ads.

#.4 Make sure you comply with the policies

You have to make sure that you comply with the policies. For example, if you want to advertise it on Facebook ads, you have to make sure that this offer will be allowed to be advertised on Facebook ads. for instance, Facebook ads do not like dating stuff, So, if you wanted to advertise something like this- where’s that silver over that we talked about before or any kind of dating offer. Maxbounty has a lot of dating offers, and none of these, you can not advertise on Facebook,  for instance, because Facebook just doesn’t allow dating offers.

So, if you want to advertise on Facebook directly, you should not even look at dating offers and there’s a lot of other limitations like you cannot advertise crypto, you need some permission.  I believe to advertise crypto and there’s a lot of cryptos offers as well so you cannot do that on Facebook.

or when it comes to Google, you have to look at what Google allows then if you wanna advertise on Bing, you have to look at what Bing allows. if you want to advertise on native platforms, you have to look at what native platforms allow.  so, you have to know- what you’re doing. Many affiliates love Facebook ads.  I’m familiar with what they allow and what they don’t allow.  if I cannot advertise something there my next best option is Google ads or Bing.

So, you have to make sure that the offer you want it can be allowed because let’s say- you are like an expert in dating offers and you love Facebook ads,  well guess what you can advertise it on Facebook ads? or go to the Google ads? whereas on Facebook you can do some really creative targeting so it gives you more flexibility than Google but the disadvantage is there a lot more restrictive than Google.

# 5. Expertise in the offer

If you are starting out right and you seem like a lot of these bitcoins offers and the EPC is huge, the CPA is huge and you don’t know anything about Bitcoin,  you don’t know-how like a blockchain works or what is a Bitcoin on,  what is cryptocurrency?  and what is the purpose of cryptocurrency? and you’re not really interested in it.  Then, there’s really no reason for you to advertise it.

Now, we are  CPA marketers, our goal is to promote something we understand.   if you’re not crazy about Bitcoin and you don’t want to go create landing pages about Bitcoin then. don’t do Bitcoin. For example, I like sweepstakes, I like dating offers, I like self-improvement offers, I like econ products.   actually, I really liked a lot where advertising to developers, designers, WordPress users, things like that I’m very familiar with that market.

So, I understand the market really well, I would probably much more likely to advertise that offer and you kinda have to ask yourself,  what are you familiar with?   because when you’re gonna be doing Facebook ads, you have to understand what is your target customer.  like what are they into? how you have to put yourself into their shoes?  that’s going to be a hell of a lot easier when you are actually passionate about this particular market segment.  this particular topic, in this niche, and there’s a lot of offers that I see huge EPC’s, huge CPA rate and everything like that and this one is the best strategy for making easy money from CPA marketing.

But, if we don’t know anything about obviously, as marketers we can learn about it, study the market,  do all that stuff and that’s cool too but if there is another offer that you’re so poor familiar with where you could write like amazing ads.  you could really get inside the head off of your potential customer .  my advice will be to go for that kind of offer so, that’s what you would do with passion comes profits because if you’re passionate about this particular market segment and you see an offer that will definitely help much more. likely to sell that offer much more,  likely to create a great copy, a great landing page and talk about the benefits that this particular product or service.

# 6. Know All about EPC

And last but not least,  there is the EPC- which is kind of like I wanted to put that first of the list but it’s really last because the EPC is one of the first things. kind of a rough rule of thumb is anything about $0.5 or $0.6.  it’s pretty decent, so if it’s above $1, its really good and this offer probably converts very well.

The problem is you don’t know, which traffic source is converting.  well he might the person who is sending a lot of traffic, they might have a blog about Bitcoin,  they’re just sending very targeted high traffic or maybe they have a website that has been around for 10 -15 years.  on Google has been ranking for all the best keywords and they could get the tribe or maybe they have a buyers list of Bitcoin users, that they could just send traffic to this EPC.

While it’s useful, it could be very deceptive. so, I look at it as like the first thing – it simply because it’s a metric but I look at it with a grain of salt so should you, because  I’ve seen offers with like 20 cent EPC that have done really well and that have actually done better than some of these offers with $2 an EPC.  very similar offers like I’ve had experience with sweepstakes but one was like $0.15  $0.70 PC or 13 cents EPC and the other one was like 72 Cent EPC and I couldn’t get any conversions with the this.  with the same targeting, same landing page, everything the same but then when I switch to the other offer, I was getting conversions like crazy.  I had a 33 percent conversion service was doing really well.  how did I find out about the other offer? I emailed my affiliate manager and that is something you should do. you should always get into a habit when you’re on the new network.

What are the best tips for making easy money from EPC?

email your affiliate manager, get in touch with them build a relationship and they will tell you if their offers are doing really well because they have the backend.  they see all the traffic, they see which offers are successful or no. t they see what’s happening and that is kind of what I wanted to write about. there’s a lot of things, that go behind the scenes.

Remember, somebody has more experience with something and experience counts a lot.  like me:- I have experience with Facebook ads.  I have experience with WordPress design, there are developers that whole angle I understand, that I can really sell that kind of product. whereas like weight loss or fitness stuff, I don’t have much experience with I do have some but it’s not the same on the same level.  some of the other niches and I will always go for things I have more experience with and I will combine it with a good offer, good targeting,  promoted on Facebook or Bing ads or something like that and that will help me to kind of making easy money.

# In Summarize

So, the # 1 is- the problem-solving offer or is it just a nice to have and all of these offers pretty much anything that you buy will fall into one or two categories.  either it solves a problem that you have or it’s a nice to have kind of thing.  and anytime it solves a problem, it converts two to three times better with less effort than something that’s nice to have.

# 2 is targeting.  do they give you targeting? do they actually want are they telling you, how to find these customers have because I’m sure they have it on the back end or maybe they tested their own traffic.  just to see if it conversions are coming in or not are, they sharing that information with their affiliates that are very very important.

# 3 is an affiliate resource now, I showed you some really nice affiliate resources for this WordPress kind of site. where they have these themes and designs and all that but I can tell you there are a lot of offers where they even give you like pages and pages of information for any kind of traffic types whether it’s Facebook search or you know Google Ads or email marketing where they even give you email swipes.  I’ve seen Facebook where they tell you like demographics I’ve seen Google ads where they think they give you even a list of keywords that you can target which is amazing. so I would always recommend going after offers where they give you this information.  it’s gonna save you time and money.

# 4 whether you can advertise it on your preferred traffic source. so, I like Facebook ads, I want to make sure I can advertise on Facebook ads.  if not maybe Bing ads, but if they don’t allow on either then I have to change some strategies also.  if the traffic source doesn’t allow that particular niche then I have to change strategies. so, that is something you have to think about where helps to make easy money from CPA markets.

# 5 is your expertise.  very important,  maybe you are an expert if you’re a photographer and there is photography or maybe picking a camera or she like a camera course and there are a lot of you could find.  that kind of stuff in Clickbank for instance and you’re a photographer or maybe you have a photography blog or maybe you don’t have any blog,  you can go out to Facebook and put your targeting there.  maybe some photography magazines, famous photographers,  camera brands, photography brands, and all that stuff.

now, you can go out and research that but if you already know that information you can just go in and start promoting that offer. it’s gonna come across as more authentic than whether you’re trying to be an expert in an area that you’re not.

# 6,  it probably is the EPC, which is earnings per click. it’s just something that you can quickly get glanced over with but I would not recommend it. I would take it with a grain of salt.  I would not use it as my single main metric, simply because it’s so deceptive. probably gonna email my affiliate manager and add double-check with her for an offer but if it’s zero EPC probably will not promote it because that means nobody has made any money.  on the other hand, if you seeing something like $2.75 EPC which is a relatively high number that could mean a whole lot of things.  it could just mean that there’s a like a really big fish or lots of really experienced  CPA marketers with good traffic with buyers traffic and they’re promoting.

# So, How Make Easy Money from CPA  marketing?

Alright! so, there you have a list of six things:- you should pay attention to and hopefully, this really helps you to pick out an offer and something that you could push all your time, money and resources. Where from you can make some easy money with that offer, so don’t like to be blind like all the other people and just promote that everybody else is promoting.  if there’s an offer that you can promote based on your strengths and not weaknesses that I believe is how you will succeed at the end of the day.  OK guys, so that’s all I have for you for today, if you enjoyed this articles, please share it with your social accounts so that more people get to see it and get value from it.  if you have any questions or comments leave them below and I will try to help you out.  I typically answer all the questions that I get or at least try to for the most part and if you like this kind of content, if you enjoy affiliate marketing, Work from home ideas, WordPress anything related with making money online CPA offers,  Maxbounty and pretty much anything else you definitely subscribe to our newsletter because I’m gonna be publishing a ton of future articles that will cover each of these topics in greater detail.  alright, guys so thank you again.

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