Can You Make Money On Instagram? Five Proven Strategy!

Can You Make Money On Instagram

Yes, you can make money on Instagram. Here, I’m going to explain to you the different moves that are working right now. those are not only popular strategy but also the proven & quickest way to make money on Instagram.

1. Selling shout-outs.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of people out there that is indifferent niche markets, and they could be in fitness, they could have an e-commerce business. They could be a coach, and, these are different people & different businesses. What are they looking to do? They are looking to get more leads. They’re looking to get better visibility, and in order to do that, they are willing to pay money as advertisers to increase their reach, their visibility, and their following, and,

Guess what?

They’re willing to pay somebody like you, if you are willing to send them traffic, sending them leads, which is basically selling shout-outs. the first way to make money on Instagram selling shout-outs to these different people!

And there are many different sites like Shoutcart, Influencer Cart.

That’s basically a third-party marketplace that you could plug your Instagram account so that you can work with them.

you don’t have to be looking for these influencers or don’t have to be looking for these business owners. People who have a business that’s willing to pay money as an advertiser to build their following on Instagram. So the first way is, to make money online, is to sell shout-outs.

How to build your Instagram followers fast?

That brings us to the thinking, “But, “I don’t have a following.” How am I going to start charging other people “if I am selling shout-outs?”

shout out, instagram

That brings us to this strategy. You want to make money on Instagram, number two is to build a following. In most cases, the amount of money you can charge is in direct proportion to how big your following is, and of course, the quality and the engagement of your following.

So to do that, if you want to start charging more in order to make more money on Instagram, that would be number two, to create engaging content to build your following, so, how to build your Instagram followers fast? and the best way to do that is to model what’s already has been proven, to be viral that’s already proven to be engaging.

Now, think about it this way. In whatever market that you might have an interest in, whether it’s teaching people makeup, whether it’s teaching people how to play computer games, whether it is fitness. all by modeling, come to the second strategy.

2.  Can You Make Money on Instagram By Flip Accounts

Next, the third way to make money on Instagram is basically to sell or flip Instagram accounts.

Now, I am talking about what if you could actually build up this following, and  “what if I don’t want to do videos, “what if I don’t want to be on camera? “What if you don’t want to be in the limelight, “put me out there?

“What is I’m introverted?” Look, I get it.

For a really long time, I never wanted to be doing something like that. The truth is, being in the limelight, in the spotlight, on videos, that’s not for everybody.

So what if you’re shy and you don’t want to be on camera?

This brings us to this point. What if you could be building up these different brands or these pages, whether it’s in photography, whether it’s in the funny, cat, dogs, what if it’s in lifestyle, watches, or different hobbies, or fitness, makeup, beauty? And you could create these different brand accounts, in those different niches. Build a following so that you can actually sell or flip these accounts. ‘Because there’s a lot of people out there that’s willing to pay big money for these Instagram accounts with money.

And the way they do that, there are a lot of sites that do for example FameSwap. So, FameSwap is a site that specializes in buying and selling Instagram accounts. And what if you could be concurrently building dozens of different site across all these different themes, or focus on one specific niche.

A niche that excites you, that you have interest in, that’s based on your life experience, your passion and build up all these different accounts so that you eventually have an exit plan, an exit strategy that you can actually sell and flip these accounts.

That brings– that’s basically the third way to make money on Instagram, which is basically selling or flipping accounts.

3. Build a following by modeling

There are tons of videos and images that are already proven to be viral, and rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, remember success leaves clues. If you know that there is a certain video on this certain workout, if let’s say, you are in the fitness market.

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s a whole lot easier, modeling something that’s already proven to be viral, proven to be engaging, rather than trying to do it from scratch on your own?

Now, I’m not talking about copying, because copying is unethical. I’m talking about modeling. If you knew that there was a certain video title, if there was a certain angle, a certain hook, that was proven to be engaging, why not model what’s currently working?

So this could be using the different hashtags, this could be modeling what’s proven to work so that you can create content that’s funny, that’s exciting, that’s engaging, in order to build that following, you can actually use that following to sell shoutouts.

Okay, so that’s Number two, to make money on Instagram, you want to be able to build a following by modeling what’s proven to actually work.

4. Selling Product

That brings us to the fourth point.

the fourth way is actually by selling products. Now, this could be your own product, or this could be selling somebody else’s product as an affiliate.

What many people don’t know is that the biggest eCommerce sites in the world, this could be digital products, like ClickBank, Maxbounty.

This could be physical products from Amazon, but literally every big site out there in the world, what if they are willing to pay you to affiliate commissions whenever you promote their product.

Make Money on Instagram- How to Monetize?

the fourth way to monetize is by understanding that you can use this Instagram following that you have in order to sell your own product or sell somebody else’s product.

Now here is the math behind it,- Imagine that right now, following these different principles and examples, you have built a following of 10 000 people. Now one of the things you’ll know that whenever you have a following that’s significant enough, you’ll be able to unlock this feature known as Instagram stories and Instagram swipe ups.

So, stories are something that you can create, but you’ll be able to swipe up once you have more than 10 000 followers. Now, imagine the math is:- basically about 10% of people who follow you will watch your stories.

Let’s take this example for simplicity purposes.

You have 10 000 followers, 10% of people that follow you will watch your story, so that is 1000 watching your story.

I know that 10% of people that watch your story will actually swipe up whenever you have a call to action. So, 1000 people watching your story that would be 100 people. Swiping up, where you ask them the go to a specific page.

Again example, let’s say I am somebody that talks about fitness. So today, I’m taking out my phone and I’m showing people behind the scenes to how I’m doing the workout, right. And my instrument.

And at the end of the story, I’m saying this, “So this workout over here, “the brand that I’m actually using is from this site, “and if you’re interested in using this instrument, “the same  that I’m using right now, “go ahead and swipe up.”

And what if 10% of people who watch the story swipe up, and they actually go to that page that could be my product or somebody else’s product that I’m selling as an affiliate, and what if I’m selling that for, whatever, 40 bucks, okay.

And what if the conversion and the number of people that buy is, whatever, 5%, so 5% of people that watched my story, which is 100 people. 5% of people buy the $40 product.

I would have essentially made five sales from a $40 product. So, I would have made $200 from that one swipe up campaign.

And what if I only did that once a week? I would have essentially made a couple of hundred dollars extra per month.

Now that is how you can make money on Instagram, either selling your own product or somebody else’s product.

Now, when you understand the math behind it, that means ultimately you will be able to take the profits from either selling your own product or somebody else’s product, reinvest it and continue building your following and fueling it so that now it makes sense to be able to pay other people’s shootouts, to build your own following from 10k to 100k to a million people, right.

So that is basically the fourth way to make money on Instagram, and that would be by either selling your own product or selling somebody else’s product as an affiliate.

5. Run Agency or a Consultant Service

And that brings us to the Next strategy to how can you make money on Instagram. The fifth way to make money on Instagram is basically to either run it as an agency or as a service or as a consultant, for somebody else.

Because, there’s a lot of businesses out there, real businesses, doctor, dentists, gym owners, where they don’t understand social media,

And right now, what if I told you that they are willing to pay you money if you could actually handle their Instagram accounts.

Now, I’m not talking just about posting, this could be running ads, this could be building their following, this could be handling their swipe up campaigns.

Actually, most business owners, they don’t understand social media, they don’t understand Instagram. So the fifth way, once you’ve been doing all these different methods, what if you could actually take all of the experience that you’ve had on Instagram, and now you start implementing it for somebody else.

And imagine this, this could start off really small. You could be thinking,

I’m just starting out? “I don’t have the credibility.” Okay, I get that.

What if you just did that for free, right?

What if you posted on Facebook right now saying, “Hey guys, right now “I’m looking for three different people “who are business owners, who are willing to start this Instagram journey “of learning Instagram.”

So now you are being really authentic, you’re not trying to fake it until you make it.

You’re saying, “I’m willing to work on three different businesses, “across different niches, and all I’m asking in return is, “at the end of the first month, allow me to document “the process so that I can turn it into a case study “or a test to build on.” So what if you’re willing to work for free for the first three different people, business owners, and then after that, turn it into a case study so that you can use that as leverage, to get on future clients onboard, right.

What if you could get just one client to pay you $500 a month? I mean, think about it, this could be a business that’s in plastic surgery, right.

Do you feel that if you could get one client, and help them get more leads, to just one additional walk-in the client, for their plastic surgery business?

Do you think that’s well worth– well over $500?

What if it was a dentist, wanting to sell their teeth whitening service, right?

There are so many businesses out there that will pay you big money if you could help them get more reach, more

Following, get more visibility, through Instagram. This is what I’m talking about.


I’m not asking you to do all these different methods, I’m asking you to pick one that resonates most with you. And, ask yourself, can you make money on Instagram? And, it’s definitely you can.

These are five different ways that you can start using Instagram. What are they?

Number one, to start selling shoutouts. like Influencer Cart or Shout Cart.

The second is to start selling or flipping these accounts for huge margins. from FameSwape

Number three is to build a following so that you can start charging more.

Number four would be to use Instagram to either sell your own product or sell somebody else’s product as an affiliate.

And finally, number five would be to do it as an agency, or as a consultant, or a service for somebody else who has a business, so that you can help them get more reach and more visibility.

Hey guys, I would love to be able to hear so leave me a comment below. Subscribe to our Newsletter and don’t forget to share these articles with your friends and I look forward to seeing you in the future post.

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