At Home Best Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners!

Today,  I want to show you some best online transcription jobs, not only am I going to show you some companies for this but I’m also going to show you how you can actually make more money with this on your own.

Some of these companies will pay you per audio minute, which means they may pay you to transcribe a five-minute audio file even if it takes you an hour to do the job.  So you’re not literally making money for a minute that you’re working if that makes sense?

Without any further ado let’s get right into the content, alright these are some of the best online transcription jobs companies that will hire beginners.  In order for you to start making more money with this, you just need the practice and the skills.

So the faster you are, the quicker you get it!  You can start getting more jobs on these websites that I’m going to show.

You are going to be for beginners but this is an industry where you have to build up your skill first before you start making a lot of money.

All of these websites are things that you can get started with

I also going to show you some free tools and some free training for you to actually make more money with this to work faster with this!


1. is actually available worldwide and it’s one of the best online transcription Jobs, if you actually come to this website and scroll to the bottom; you’re going to see there which says become a freelancer.  you want to click on learn more and that’ll bring you to the next online transcribe jobs

where you will have more information on transcribing. as the range of pay is between 30 cents and a dollar and ten cents per audio or video minute and you can also become a captioner.

you can watch the video for accurately type what is being said with video pay range around  $0.54 to $1 per audio-video minute.  a few actually speak a foreign language then you can even make more money with this as a subtitler as you can see you can earn $1.5 to $3 per audio or video minute this one is, one that beginners can go ahead and practice with.


This one’s a little bit different because what they basically do is, they’ll take an entire audio file that could be about an hour long and they’ll divide it up into a few minutes.  They’ll distribute that work in between multiple freelancers, so you’ll probably get projects that are very short between one and two-minute clips basically.

transcribe services

So, they do pay $15 to $22 hours per audio hour but like I said you’re getting one to two-minute clips for you to transcribe and this is also worldwide. This website does not need any experience and they do pay you via PayPal, so you do need a PayPal Account for this.

So, you have to do a click up there to join as a transcriptionist.  That’ll bring you to the next page and this page gives you more information. They say they have the industry’s best rates with earnings, starting at fifteen to twenty-two dollars per audio hour so, it’s another best online transcription Jobs.  They say the average monthly earnings are around $250 and their top transcriptionists earn around $2000.


The next one is and it’s especially US website but. You can apply from anywhere in the world. no experience needed and they pay you weekly via PayPal or Payoneer.

online transcript opportunity

Now in order to become a transcriptionist, you have to scroll to the bottom, where it says for transcriptionists.  You just have to go to where it says work and click and now they have transcription jobs available worldwide.

They also pay competitive rates for online transcriptionist jobs up to $0.60 per audio or video minute and $150 average earnings per month. Their top earners will earn over a thousand dollars per month.


Now another one is  there’s also no experience necessary for this website and they pay you a little bit over a dollar per audio minute with bonus, depending on your work grade.  This is a bonus based and it is also available worldwide.

They also pay weekly via PayPal. now, you can get started with I would say for some practice, your expected pay is about 3 to 20 cents per audio or video minute with additional bonus rates as well. they do pay you through their work market and then you can withdraw your funds via your bank account or PayPal or also a Visa card. you can get started international or get started in the USA, Canada.

5. Tigerfish-Best Online Transcription Jobs

highest paying transcription job in online  does not require any experience but it’s only available for US residents.  Actually tigerfish pay you per word that you type so, the faster you type the more money you can make.  If you do have an average typing speed of about 50 words per minute then, you can actually make about 15 dollars per hour, which is not bad!


online transcribe works

So, this one is also good for beginners. It is and on this one, you are expected to be paid from $145-$173, the bottom of this page you can become a transcriber over there, where it says to become a transcriber and click on that and that’ll take you to the signup page.

Now, if you’re a beginner this one is really good but you have to be very proficient in English.


online transcription this one is and this one is only available for US and Canada residents only and they pay 75 cents to 85 cents per audio minute.  you don’t need any experience but you do need at least 50 words per minute typing speed.

They actually have a lot of big clients that they work With. it also beginner-friendly and you don’t need experience for this either.

How can I learn transcription easily?

So, now I’m going to show you how you can get some free training for online transcribe jobs?  if you come over here to, this is a learning platform where they have tons of courses that are very affordable.

free transcription training

they do have transcription courses on there.  there are about 10 to $15 if you want to pay for a course but I actually found that there was a free course that you can take on here. so this is your  you just want to type in ”transcription”! all right, and over there, they’re showing us all of the transcription courses. if you are serious about this you can go ahead and pay for one of these courses or a couple of these courses whatever it is or

you can come over here where it says, under a price you can filter through that we’re going to click on that and click on free! Now, when you come up here you’re going to see that there’s actually a free course on transcribing.

It says how to transcribe an excel in general transcription, transcription of course for both beginners and experts, and this is a total one hour 8 lectures. so, this is a great way for you to get started for free learning how to transcribe?  There are also people teaching this on YouTube and there’s a free course right here on

Listen and

best online transcribe jobs

Another tool for you to use is this website called listenandwrite.comm.

they have a lot of articles and tips. they also have transcription tests that you can practice with for example; they have a few tests, this one is three minutes and 46 seconds long, another one’s almost 5 minutes long 2 minutes long.  you can go ahead and use this website for you to actually test. these are just other ways for you to practice it.


I want to show you this other tool that might come in handy as well if you’re not good with your grammar this one is Grammarly. You can check for spelling errors, mistakes, and things like.

that way you’re spelling everything correctly and this is a free Chrome extension or Firefox extension.

Google Doc

another very powerful tool for you to use when you’re doing this job is Google Docs.  you can actually speak the words into the document and the tool will start generating all of the words for you.  all you have to do is kind of check back and make sure everything is correct but this is just something to help you out.

We’ll make the process a little bit faster so, all those beginner websites are basically for you to get started with because they don’t pay too well or they pay you according to how good you are.  So, you do need to practice, they need to train for this.  if you are serious about this and you actually want to make good money.

You could also come to and these are actually some of the freelancers that are on there that do the transcription and they are charging their own rate, $20 an hour, $17 dollars an hour, etc. also you can go to as well and you choose what you want to make on Fiverr. okay

That’s for in this post. If you do like it please share with your social account and let me know if you found it helpful alright, then I will see you in the next one bye

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