Amazon Mechanical Turk: Earn Money Daily with Simple Task !(world-wide)

make money from amazon mechanical turk

Today,  I want to show you guys what Amazon Mechanical Turk is? how to get started with it?  and also, of course, you want to know how do you get paid. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a way that you can get paid for completing simple tasks. so it is super simple to do. you can literally be a teenager and get this done very simple work. you can do it whenever you have the time.

But, it’s not like a full-time job and you’re not going to make like a full-time income with this. So. this is definitely something where you can make some money in your spare time as a side hustle. perhaps you have a new project that you want to save up for or something then you can do this, the actual type of work, and save for something like that.

let’s just visit the website,  scroll down, what type of work is available. so there are very common tasks that are available.  Like: image and video processing, baby tagging objects found in an image to improve the search or advertising marketing, audit user uploaded images or videos to moderate content classify it and identify object balance and satellite imagery data verification and cleanup or removing duplicate, content business listings, verifying restaurant details such as phone numbers or hours of operation, also information gathering so filling out market research or survey data on a variety of topics.

Also writing content for websites, data processing is available, adding and transcribing audio content, rating the accuracy of search results, categorizing information based on the instruction.

That’s how simple the work is! It doesn’t require to have a high level of skill to do this. It’s probably very repetitive type work that you’re going to be.

 Now, who can actually do the work?

it is available outside the United States. So you could be in other countries and this is actually available for global workers. So, you can be anywhere and actually do this type of work.

How to getting paid?

To get paid, you do have to set up your bank account, and then what they do is that when you log in you’ll have tasks that they’ll ask you to complete. You can decide if you want to complete them or you don’t have to, but they’ll be available.

Once you complete the task, you’ll submit your work and then you’ll get paid 10 days after that work is actually complete. They’re going to pay you out to your bank accounts.  So, you have to connect your bank account and that’s how you guys are going to get paid.

The best interesting thing is : you can do the work whenever you want to do it, there’s no set schedule but, you have to have a laptop, computer and obviously, an internet connection to be able to do this, but that’s pretty much all you have to do.

How to get started on amazon mechanical Turk?

how to get started on amazon mechanical Turk? First, signing up for an Amazon Mechanical Turk worker account, in order to get started working on tasks and earning money.

So let’s get started. First, you’ll need to access the Mechanical Turk website by going to

This page gives you a nice overview of what the Mechanical Turk platform is about.

After you’ve had a read through, click on the yellow Get Started button in the center of the page. The Get Started landing page is where you’ll either start creating a mturk worker or mturk requester account.

As you’d like to work on tasks, also known as HITs, and make money, you’d now go ahead and click on the Create a Worker Account button under the piggy bank.

If you already have an account set up, then you’re able to use those credentials to sign up for your mturk account.

This is because the mturk account is linked to your account, so you’ll have one set of login credentials for your account and the Mechanical Turk worker account.

If you don’t yet have an account, or you’d prefer to use a different email address to your current .com account, then you’ll click the gray Create your Amazon account button.

After you’ve entered your email and password credentials to create your account, you’ll then be directed to the mturk worker registration page to fill in your mturk account specific details.

On the worker registration page, you’ll fill out your personal details, including your country, full name, address, city, as well as other information.

Once completed, confirm your registration request by clicking the Create Account button. And there you have it. Your account registration will now be reviewed.

You’ll receive an email once it’s completed or when you’re invitation is made available. Please bear in mind, that while your account is being reviewed, You will not be able to work on tasks and earn money, but you’ll be able to browse through and view the various HITs to get a feel for the platform.

In the meantime, check out their FAQs page and have a read through what you can expect as a worker on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

after the completion of sign up, simply go in the back-office and it’s showing you the hits that aren’t available!

Alright, so, there are different ones! Turk verified object boundaries, you can see there are 35,000 hits you get rewarded since and it was created five hours ago, find the name, email, and LinkedIn profile for relevant financial professionals.

there are ten thousand hits, you get two cents! I was opposed to six days ago you can accept this work market research survey! So, you can see here’s a survey. it’s all these little tasks that you can do and get paid for it.

you don’t have to qualify or whatever and some of them you have to do have to qualify.  But, some of them just click on accept work and you just go and do the work.

Inside Amazon Mechanical Turk

this is what it looks like on the inside of Amazon Mechanical Turk.  These are the things that you’ll be doing and how much you get paid. here’s another example, a short survey.  it’s in less than two minutes & you get paid twenty-five cents($0.25).

amazon mechanical turk

Accept that work right? your account setup, it’s not complete! You have additional stuff to complete before you can start earning rewards.

So, first, you need to finish on your account set up. it’s an Amazon account &  you create your Amazon account! You couldn’t finish setting up your entire account and then you log in and you can accept work. it’s something that like I said you could just do in your spare time.  it’s not a full-time income that you’re going to make from this.

Amazon Mechanical Turk pay

Amazon actually, just released a new payment method for people who do enter. so, if we go under the earnings tab on the top right of the screen.

What Amazon is actually doing now is they’re allowing us to directly deposit into our bank accounts instead of going from MTurk to Amazon payments into our bank account. Now, it can just go directly into our bank account, and then you’re always going to have the option to use Amazon credit card or Amazon gift card credit.

You’re not eligible to actually have bank withdrawal though in the future this is actually going to be required, it’s actually going to be required that you use an actual bank account to just withdraw immediately.

there are actually some different schedules you can use, you have the three-day schedule so you get your money automatically after three days, seven days, 14 days and then30 days. that’s pretty much it on this kind of suck for anyone who needs the money every day but yeah it’s pretty much.

Amazon Mechanical Turk review

if you’re not familiar with amazon mechanical Turk, just google it and you can find Amazon Mechanical Turk but at a high level what it is; it’s an opportunity for people that are better select, to go in and perform certain tasks and there’s an opportunity to make some money there.

Now from my experience and again, I don’t want to bash it and I don’t want to pump it up but for my experience, initially, I feel that it could be a decent opportunity. Now, the thing is- obviously, a lot of these tasks that pay a very small amount so it’s a situation where someone would have to perform a lot of tasks or become highly proficient with completing those tasks in a minimal amount of time to make it worthwhile for most people, but what I’ve discovered after a certain number of tasks have been successfully completed and approved because once the task is completed then it goes into an approved state.

So, it’s either approved or rejected but once a certain task has been completed and then approved, after completing a large number of tasks it may unlock higher-paying tasks. So, that’s kind of the cool thing and that’s where I haven’t gotten to yet but my assumption is that if someone just came in and felt that they were going to do maybe two or three Mechanical Turk tasks during a day that it probably wouldn’t be worth their time

but if someone figures out what their abilities are, maybe use a spreadsheet or whatever figure out what your strongest skill sets are and then go after those tasks.  complete a large number of tasks and then potentially unlock greater paying tasks, it could prove to be worthwhile.

Now, again I haven’t hit that foot point yet but that’s the way I’m attacking it and I’d love to hear your theories for your workflow rather how have you messed with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

And if so, what’s your strategy? you like to go after the surveys that sometimes pay more than little few cent tasks of looking at a receipt or something like that. what’s your strategy and have you found that Amazon Mechanical Turk is worth the time.


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